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* [[Team Galactic]]'s plans to re-create the world have changed slightly. The layouts of their HQs, such as the one in Eterna, have been changed. Team Galactic now utilizes more resources in order to reach their goal, as well as explaining why, in-game, such as the power from the [[Valley Windworks]], as well as planting a bomb on the [[Great Marsh]] for attention in order to allow more people to realize what they're trying to do. [[Team Galactic]] also has a [[Charon|fourth commander]] who appears throughout the game, but does not take on a significant role until after the main story events.
* Some of the [[Gym Leader]]s have been reordered: [[Fantina]] is now the third Gym Leader, [[Maylene]] is the fourth and [[Crasher Wake]] is the fifth. The appearance of players' Gym Badge case stays the same.
* {{ga|Dawn}}/{{ga|Lucas}} no longer gives the player the {{DL|Pokétch|Dowsing Machine}} or the [[Vs. Seeker]] near the {{rt|206|Sinnoh}} junction; instead he/shethey meetsmeet the player at the entrance to [[Mt. Coronet]].
* [[Team Galactic]] appears in [[Stark Mountain]] under the command of [[Charon]], who seeks to use the destructive power of the volcano to extort money from the people of Sinnoh. The player, with help from [[Buck]], must defeat them. During this event, [[Mars]] and [[Jupiter]] quit Team Galactic because Charon does not share the same ideals as ex-boss [[Cyrus]]. Ultimately, Charon and his two accompanying grunts are apprehended by [[Looker]] and two policemen.
* After the aforementioned event, the player is able to challenge all the [[Gym Leader]]s of Sinnoh to rematches in the [[Battleground]]. The player's [[Stat Trainers|Tag Battle partners]] from throughout the game ([[Cheryl]], [[Buck]], [[Marley]], [[Mira]], and [[Riley]]) are also able to be challenged in this place. Each of the 13 characters has a team of five Pokémon, whose levels are between 61 and 65 (except for [[Maylene]], whose team instead ranges from level 62 to 66).