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* The events of [[Pokémon Red and Blue Versions|Red, Blue]], {{v2|Yellow}}, [[Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Versions|FireRed, LeafGreen]], {{3v2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}}, [[Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire|Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire]]:
** {{ga|Red}} leaves [[Pallet Town]] on his Pokémon journey after his rival, [[Professor Oak]]'s grandson, {{ga|Blue}}. After getting the eight [[Badge]]s of [[Kanto]], and defeating [[Team Rocket]] along the way, he then challenges Kanto's [[Elite Four]] and its current Champion, none other than Blue himself. After defeating Blue, Red becomes the {{pkmn|Champion}}, then ventures to the [[Sevii Islands]] to eradicate Team Rocket and help [[Celio]] to connect his [[Pokémon Network Center]] to the [[Hoenn]] region.
** {{ga|Brendan}}/{{ga|May}} leaves [[Littleroot Town]] on a Pokémon journey shortly after moving to the Hoenn region from [[Johto]] by saving the local [[Pokémon Professor]] from an attacking [[wild Pokémon]]. At first, there is a deep-seated rivalry with [[Professor Birch]]'s daughter/son, however, later on, the rivalry is with [[Wally]] instead. After defeating Hoenn's eight [[Gym Leader]]s and calming {{p|Groudon}} or {{p|Kyogre}}, released from their banishment by [[Team Magma]] and [[Team Aqua]], respectively, he/shethey challengeschallenge and defeatsdefeat Hoenn's Elite Four and current Champion, becoming the Champion him/herselfthemself, much to the astonishment of Birch's child. He/sheThey then savessave the world from an incoming meteorite during the [[Delta Episode]].
'''Between {{gen|I}}/{{gen|III}}/{{gameabbrev6|ORAS}} and {{gen|II}}/{{gen|IV}}:'''
'''Three years after [[Generation I]]/[[Generation III]]/{{gameabbrev6|ORAS}} ([[Generation II]]/[[Generation IV]]):'''
* The events of [[Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions|Gold, Silver]], {{v2|Crystal}}, [[Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions|Diamond, Pearl]], {{v2|Platinum}}, [[Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions|HeartGold, SoulSilver]], [[Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia]], and [[Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs]]:
** {{ga|Ethan}}/{{ga|Kris}}/{{ga|Lyra}} leaves [[New Bark Town]] on an errand for [[Professor Elm]], bonding with his/her [[starter Pokémon]] on the way. A {{ga|Silver|red-haired boy}} steals one of Elm's three Pokémon, and challenges him/her as Ethan/Kris/Lyra's journey across Johto continues. A revived Team Rocket, using plans formulated three years prior, enrages many {{p|Gyarados}}, including a [[Red Gyarados|red one]], at the [[Lake of Rage]] as they proceed to take over the [[Goldenrod Radio Tower]] in a desperate attempt to contact Giovanni, their former leader. They are defeated, and the new leader vows to never again re-form Team Rocket, and Ethan/Kris/Lyra continues to gather Johto's Badges, eventually gaining all eight and traveling to the [[Pokémon League]] at [[Indigo Plateau]] in Kanto. After defeating the Elite Four and their Champion, Lance, Ethan/Kris/Lyra then heads to the Kanto region to challenge its eight Gyms, which have changed from three years prior. After gaining all eight of their Badges, for a total of sixteen, [[Professor Oak]] declares him/herthem ready to travel to Mt. Silver, where he/shethey meetsmeet and challenges {{ga|Red}}.
** {{ga|Lucas}}/{{ga|Dawn}} and {{ga|Barry}} leave [[Twinleaf Town]] in an attempt to see a Pokémon like the recently reported red Gyarados in the nearest of [[Sinnoh]]'s lakes, [[Lake Verity]]. After being attacked by a wild {{p|Starly}} at the lake, and using one of [[Professor Rowan]]'s Pokémon to fend off the attacker, <!-- (apart from in Platinum canon, where they receive their starter Pokémon before actually reaching the lake) --><!-- Same here... --> their journey begins in earnest, and both Lucas/Dawn and Barry challenge the Sinnoh region's eight Gyms to gain the Badges necessary to challenge the {{si|Pokémon League}}. Along the way, however, Lucas/Dawn is brought into many conflicts with [[Team Galactic]], whose leader, [[Cyrus]], wishes to remake the entire universe in his image with the powers of the [[Legendary Pokémon]] {{p|Dialga}} and {{p|Palkia}}. Defeating the team and calming {{p|Dialga}}/{{p|Palkia}}/{{p|Giratina}}, Lucas/Dawn challenges Sinnoh's Elite Four and Champion, [[Cynthia]], and becomes Champion him/herself.
* [[Hayley]], a friend of Bebe, opens up a [[My Pokémon Ranch|Pokémon Ranch]].
** {{ga|Nate}}/{{ga|Rosa}} receives his/her first Pokémon from Bianca in his/her hometown of [[Aspertia City]]. Together with [[Hugh]], who hopes to take back his sister's Purrloin from Team Plasma, the duo takes on the new lineup of Gyms in the Unova region. After earning their seventh badge from [[Drayden]], Team Plasma attacks [[Opelucid City]], covering the city in unbreakable ice. The [[Shadow Triad]] takes the opportunity to steal the [[DNA Splicers]] from [[Opelucid Gym]]. Nate/Rosa and Hugh chase Team Plasma to [[Humilau City]], where after earning their final badge, they confront [[Zinzolin]], [[Colress]], and the Shadow Triad at the [[Giant Chasm]]. After the Triad releases Hugh's sister's Purrloin, now a {{p|Liepard}}, Hugh tells Nate/Rosa to go ahead and confront Team Plasma's leader, Ghetsis. Just before Ghetsis freezes Nate/Rosa alive with {{p|Kyurem}}'s {{m|Glaciate}}, [[N]] flies in on {{p|Reshiram}}/{{p|Zekrom}}, saving him/her. However, Ghetsis uses Kyurem's power to turn Reshiram/Zekrom back into an orb, then uses the DNA Splicers to turn Kyurem into [[List of Pokémon with form differences#Kyurem|Black/White Kyurem]]. Nate/Rosa knocks out Kyurem, causing the two Dragon Pokémon to separate, then defeats an enraged Ghetsis. Thankful, N suggests that Nate/Rosa proceed to the Pokémon League. Heeding his words, Nate/Rosa ascend Victory Road, defeats the Elite Four, and emerges victorious in battle with the new Champion, Iris. After returning home, Hugh's sister thanks the player for helping her big brother, and tells Nate/Rosa that she has been dreaming of a {{p|Zoroark}} calling Nate/Rosa's name. At Hugh's suggestion, Nate/Rosa returns to Victory Road, finding a Zoroark that leads him/her to the ruins of [[N's Castle]], where N and Reshiram/Zekrom challenge them to battle. After being defeated, N says goodbye to his dragon and releases it by asking it to turn back into an orb to give to Nate/Rosa. Nate/Rosa climbs to the top of [[Dragonspiral Tower]], and faces {{p|Reshiram}}/{{p|Zekrom}} again, this time, in an attempt to capture it.
[[File:{{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time:i}} mod 2}}|0=Xerneas|1=Yveltal}} Encounter.png|thumb|250px|Encountering {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time:i}} mod 2}}|0=Xerneas|1=Yveltal}}]]
**{{ga|Calem}}/{{ga|Serena}} leave his/her home in [[Vaniville Town]] meeting [[Shauna]] and {{tt|{{ga|Serena}}/{{ga|Calem}}|The player character not chosen.}} who invite them to join them for a meeting in [[Aquacorde Town]]. {{ga|Calem}}, {{ga|Serena}} and [[Shauna]] receive their first Pokémon from [[Tierno]] and a Pokédex from [[Trevor]] on behalf of [[Professor Sycamore]]. After delivering a letter to his/her {{kal|Grace|Mom}} from Professor Sycamore, they head on an adventure traveling across [[Kalos]] challenging eight Gyms in order to earn eight Badges to then challenge the {{kal|Pokémon League}}. Along their journey they come into contact with [[Team Flare]], an organization whose goal is to create a "beautiful and better" world while making money. They try to do this by stealing [[fossil]]s from [[Glittering Cave]], siphoning electricity from the [[Kalos Power Plant]], stealing the Poké Balls from the [[Poké Ball Factory]] in [[Laverre City]], and attempting to agitate and capture an {{p|Abomasnow}}. Calem/Serena also encounters a mysterious giant called [[AZ]] on several occasions, first being on [[Kalos Route 13]]. After earning their seventh badge from [[Olympia]], Calem/Serena are contacted by [[Lysandre]], a man introduced by Professor Sycamore, who reveals himself to be the leader of Team Flare and his intention to use the [[ultimate weapon]] to eliminate all life in the world. Calem/Serena battle Lysandre first in [[Lysandre Labs]] and again in the [[Team Flare Secret HQ]], before making their way down to the basement where they find {{p|Xerneas}}{{sup/6|X}}/{{p|Yveltal}}{{sup/6|Y}} and battle them, before battling against Lysandre once more. Even though Lysandre is defeated, and Calem/Serena and their friends reason with him, he still fires the ultimate weapon. The blast the weapon emits destroys it and buries Lysandre and the HQ, ultimately disbanding Team Flare. Calem/Serena then heads to the Pokémon League where he/shethey defeatsdefeat the [[Elite Four]], becoming {{pkmn|Champion}} of [[Kalos]]. After becoming Champion, Looker contacts {{ga|Calem}}/{{ga|Serena}} to help him fight crime in Lumiose City.
'''Between {{2v2|Black|White|2}}/{{pkmn|X and Y}} and [[Generation VII]]''':
'''Two years after {{2v2|Black|White|2}}/{{pkmn|X and Y}} ([[Generation VII]])''':
* The events of {{pkmn|Sun and Moon}}:
** {{ga|Elio}}/{{ga|Selene}} leaves his/her home on {{rt|1|Alola}} on a Pokémon journey three months after moving to the [[Alola]] region from Kanto. He/sheThey receivesreceive his/hertheir starter Pokémon from [[Hala]] and meetsmeet [[Lillie]] and [[Hau]]. Elio/Selene receives a [[Z-Ring]] at the festival inaugurating his/hertheir [[island challenge]], consisting of seven trials and four grand trials in order to become the island challenge champion. Along his/herthe journey, he/shethey encountersencounter a group called [[Team Skull]], whose members are misfits who failed the island challenge and aim to cause trouble, as well as another group called the [[Aether Foundation]], whose goal is to cure hurt Pokémon. After defeating the leader of Team Skull, [[Guzma]], at the [[Shady House]], Elio/Selene travel to [[Aether Paradise]], where he/shethey battlesbattle [[Lusamine]], the president of the Aether Foundation. Lusamine opens [[Ultra Wormhole]]s across Alola and enters one with Guzma. Elio/Selene and Lillie evolve [[Nebby]] into {{p|Solgaleo}}{{sup/7|S}}/{{p|Lunala}}{{sup/7|M}} at the [[Altar of the Sunne]]{{sup/7|S}}/[[Altar of the Moone]]{{sup/7|M}} and travel into [[Ultra Space]], where Elio/Selene battles Lusamine again and bring her and Guzma back to Alola. Elio/Selene catches Solgaleo{{sup/7|S}}/Lunala{{sup/7|M}} after Lillie tells it that she isn't a Trainer. Elio/Selene climbs [[Mount Lanakila]] to its summit, the newly opened {{al|Pokémon League}}, where he/shethey defeatsdefeat the [[Elite Four]], becoming the first {{pkmn|Champion}} of Alola. A festival is held in [[Iki Town]], and Lillie brings Elio/Selene to the [[Ruins of Conflict]] to battle {{p|Tapu Koko}}. The next day, Lillie leaves for Kanto to help her mother. The International Police contact Elio/Selene to investigate and catch the [[Ultra Beast]]s unleashed across Alola.
* The events of {{pkmn|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}}:
** Events proceed similarly to the above, but Lusamine now seeks to aid the [[Ultra Recon Squad]] in stopping [[Necrozma]]. When Elio/Selene and Lillie reach the [[Altar of the Sunne]]{{sup/7|US}}/[[Altar of the Moone]]{{sup/7|UM}}, they discover that Lusamine and Guzma have been defeated and Necrozma fuses with Nebby to become Dusk Mane Necrozma{{sup/7|US}}Dawn Wings Necrozma{{sup/7|UM}}. It is repelled, and Elio/Selene pursues it into [[Ultra Megalopolis]], where they find it has become Ultra Necrozma. Despite its incredible power, Ultra Necrozma is defeated and Nebby is freed from Necrozma's influence. Some time after Elio/Selene becomes the Champion, the Aether Foundation is attacked by [[Team Rainbow Rocket]], which seeks to use the Aether Foundation's research to further their goals of multiversal conquest.
'''[[Generation VIII]]''':
* The events of {{pkmn|Sword and Shield}}:
** {{ga|Victor}}/{{ga|Gloria}} and [[Hop]] receive their [[starter Pokémon]] from [[Leon]], the undefeated {{pkmn|Champion}}, and meet a mysterious {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} in the [[Slumbering Weald]]. The two receive [[Pokédex]]es from [[Sonia]], [[Dynamax Band]]s from [[Professor Magnolia]], and [[endorsement]]s from Leon to enter the [[Galar League|Gym Challenge]]. They head on an adventure traveling across Galar challenging [[Gym]]s in order to earn eight [[Badge]]s to enter the Champion Cup. Over the course of their {{pkmn|journey}}, he/shethey encountersencounter a group called [[Team Yell]], whose members support [[Marnie]] in the Gym Challenge,. asThey wellalso asencounter another group called [[Macro Cosmos]], a conglomerate led by [[Chairman Rose]], who has endorsed his ward [[Bede]] in the Gym Challenge. During the Champion Cup in [[Wyndon Stadium]], Rose interrupts the Championship Match by reawakening {{p|Eternatus}} and bringing about the [[Darkest Day]] in an attempt to provide energy for the Galar region in 1,000 years. Victor/Gloria and Hop find a [[Rusted Sword]] and [[Rusted Shield]] and head to the [[Energy Plant]] in [[Hammerlocke]], where they battle Rose and summon {{p|Zacian}} and {{p|Zamazenta}}. After defeating it, Victor/Gloria manages to catch Eternatus and returns to [[Wyndon]] to defeat Leon in the Championship Match, becoming the new Champion of Galar.