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Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

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The player meets May or Brendan right before the [[Rustboro Gym]], where the player battles Roxanne and earns the {{Badge|Stone}}; afterwards, the player runs into the Devon Researcher from Petalburg Woods. He tells the player that he has been robbed by Team Magma{{sup/6|OR}}/Team Aqua{{sup/6|AS}} and that the player must get the [[Devon Parts]] back from the evil team. The player then heads out onto {{rt|116|Hoenn}} and discovers an old man named [[Mr. Briney]] who tells them that the villainous team has also taken his {{p|Wingull}} [[Peeko]] hostage and gone into the [[Rusturf Tunnel]]. The player confronts the grunt inside the tunnel and retrieves the Devon Goods, as well as rescuing Peeko.
Once the Devon Goods are returned, the researcher asks the player to deliver them to the shipyard in [[Slateport City]]. The player then meets [[Mr. Stone]], the president of the [[Devon Corporation]], who asks that the player stop by [[Dewford Town]] and deliver a letter to his son {{Steven}}; as thanks for the player's earlier work, Mr. Stone gives the player a new upgrade for the [[PokéNav Plus]], the Buzznav. Outside, May or Brendan explains how she or he caught Pokémon in Petalburg Woods, commenting on how Mr. Briney was once a sailor. The player then heads back through the Petalburg Woods to [[Mr. Briney]]'s house, where he gives the player a ride down {{rt|105|Hoenn}} to Dewford Town. Just north of Dewford on {{rt|106|Hoenn}} is the [[Granite Cave]] where Steven is exploring. The cave is open to visitors, but a group of Ruin Maniacs block the room Steven occupies. After the player earns the {{Badge|Knuckle}} from Brawly at the [[Dewford Gym]], they disappear and the player can find Steven in Granite Cave, looking at a mural of a Groudon marked with omegas{{sup/6|OR}}/Kyogre marked with alphas{{sup/6|AS}} and remembering old legends. After listening to Steven, the player delivers the letter to him, he rewards the player with {{TM|51|Steel Wing}} and tells the player that he/shethey could potentially become the Pokémon League Champion.
After leaving Dewford Town, Mr. Briney takes the player across {{rt|107|Hoenn}} and {{rt|108|Hoenn}} to {{rt|109|Hoenn}}, just south of Slateport City. When the player arrives in Slateport, there is a noticeable crowd of Team Magma{{sup/6|OR}}/Team Aqua{{sup/6|AS}} grunts blocking the entrance to the [[Oceanic Museum]]. When the player tries to drop off the Devon Goods at [[Stern's Shipyard]], they learn that [[Captain Stern]] is in the Oceanic Museum. Once the player finds Captain Stern, they are confronted by two villainous grunts, and after defeating them, the villainous team's leader [[Maxie]]{{sup/6|OR}}/[[Archie]]{{sup/6|AS}} appears and tells the player of their plans before warning not to get in the way again.
As the player then travels through {{rt|118|Hoenn}} (just east of Mauville City), they encounter Steven once again. Their discussion is interrupted by the arrival of a frightened {{p|Latias}}{{sup/6|OR}}/{{p|Latios}}{{sup/6|AS}}. Steven realizes the Legendary Pokémon is asking for help, and it takes both Steven and the player to [[Southern Island]] where the other evil team admin [[Magma Admin Courtney|Courtney]]{{sup/6|OR}}/[[Aqua Admin Matt|Matt]]{{sup/6|AS}} is terrorizing Latios{{sup/6|OR}}/Latias{{sup/6|AS}}. After fighting off the evil team, Latios{{sup/6|OR}}/Latias{{sup/6|AS}} decides to join the player's team and give him/her its Mega Stone. Steven awards the player with a [[Mega Bracelet]] and Latias{{sup/6|OR}}/Latios{{sup/6|AS}} takes both of them back to {{rt|118|Hoenn}}.
Afterwards, the player continues through {{rt|119|Hoenn}}, reaching the [[Weather Institute]], which is being attacked by the evil team in search of more information on Groudon{{sup/6|OR}}/Kyogre{{sup/6|AS}}. After battling the grunts, the player comes face to face with the admin [[Tabitha]]{{sup/6|OR}}/[[Shelly]]{{sup/6|AS}}, who appears distressed with what he/shethey found out. After defeating the admin, the player saves the institute and is given a Pokémon {{p|Castform}} as a reward. Shortly after leaving the Institute, Brendan/May appears and battles the player, giving away {{HM|02|Fly}} upon defeat.
The player arrives in [[Fortree City]], but cannot challenge the Gym because something invisible is blocking the entrance. On {{rt|120|Hoenn}}, the player once again meets Steven, and he gives the player the [[Devon Scope]], a Mega Stone and notices that the meteorite the player picked up from Mt Chimney emits light. The Devon Scope allows the player to enter the Gym by revealing the invisible thing to be the Pokémon {{p|Kecleon}}. After the player defeats Winona and receives the {{Badge|Feather}}, the quest continues through {{rt|120|Hoenn}} and {{rt|121|Hoenn}} to [[Lilycove City]]. On {{rt|121|Hoenn}}, there are some grunts from the evil team discussing their plan to go to [[Mt. Pyre]], and upon arriving in Lilycove, the player finds it crawling with more grunts. Outside of the [[Lilycove Department Store]], the player battles May or Brendan again; after the battle, Brendan or May notices the meteorite shining like Steven did before.
After the battle, the player heads to Mt. Pyre to drive off the evil team. At the summit of Mt. Pyre, the player finds the leader of the team, who has taken the [[Red Orb]]{{sup/6|OR}}/[[Blue Orb]]{{sup/6|AS}} and proclaims that the young Trainer has arrived too late to stop him, having the admin from Southern Island attack the player before heading to Slateport City. The old couple that watches over the orbs beseech the player to stop the evil team, and they give the player the stolen orb's counterpart. Upon returning to Slateport, the player finds that Capt. Stern has discovered an undersea cavern on {{rt|128|Hoenn}}. The evil team then suddenly appears and takes over the captain's research submarine. The leader of the evil team once again taunts the player, and he mentions that the team's hideout is in Lilycove City. Captain Stern begs the player to stop the evil team. After fighting their way through to the center of the hideout, finding the [[Master Ball]] along the way, the player encounters Courtney{{sup/6|OR}}/Matt{{sup/6|AS}}, who battles the player to stall until the leader takes off in the submarine.
The player must then travel {{rt|124|Hoenn}} to [[Mossdeep City]], where he/shethey challengeschallenge Tate and Liza of the [[Mossdeep Gym]] to earn the {{Badge|Mind}}. After this a pillar of light appears on {{rt|128|Hoenn}}. Steven notices the player coming out of the Gym and invites him/her to his house, where he gives him/her the {{HM|07|Dive}} and the Devon Scuba Gear. Heading to {{rt|128|Hoenn}} and using Dive, the player finds the [[Seafloor Cavern]], where the evil team has gone. In the deepest reaches of the cavern, the player finds Maxie{{sup/6|OR}}/Archie{{sup/6|AS}} taunting the opposite version's team leader, who then challenges the player to a battle. After the battle, the player witnesses [[Tabitha]]{{sup/6|OR}}/[[Shelly]]{{sup/6|AS}} arrive and warn their leader against waking up the Legendary Pokémon, but the leader dismisses the warnings and uses the Orb to awaken the sleeping {{p|Groudon}}{{sup/6|OR}}/{{p|Kyogre}}{{sup/6|AS}}. After being awakened, the ancient Pokémon breaks out of the cavern and starts moving towards [[Sootopolis City]], driving the weather of Hoenn out of control. The opposite team's leader explains that they are unable to control Pokémon's Primal Reversion, and the primary evil team leader discovers to his horror that his plan did not work as he intended.
After the bosses leave to try to stop the Pokémon, Steven appears and tells the player to catch up with Groudon{{sup/6|OR}}/Kyogre{{sup/6|AS}} in [[Sootopolis City]]. Heading to {{rt|126|Hoenn}} and using Dive again, the player finds the entrance to Sootopolis City. Inside the city, the player finds Steven, who introduces them to his friend Wallace, the Sootopolis Gym Leader, who is also entrusted with the duty of protecting the [[Cave of Origin]].
Upon arriving in front of the cave's entrance, Steven, Wallace and the player meet up with the leaders and admin Tabitha/Shelly of both teams, along with May, who explains that she saw on TV. The player receives the Magma Suit{{sup/6|OR}}/Aqua Suit{{sup/6|AS}} and is told that the Orb he/shethey possessespossess can weaken the ancient Pokémon. After a few words of encouragement from everyone, the player heads inside. He/sheThe player puts the suit on, inserts the orb into a slot in the suit and latches on to Groudon{{sup/6|OR}}/Kyogre{{sup/6|AS}} as the ancient Pokémon makes its way to the chamber where it can accomplish its Primal Reversion. The player witnesses it undergo the transformation and fights it. After capturing or defeating the Pokémon, the weather (seemingly) returns to normal. The team leaders reconcile, Steven gives the player the Eon Flute and May explains how she is impressed with the player.
After defeating [[Wallace]] at the [[Sootopolis Gym]], the player gets the {{Badge|Rain}}, and the gym leader mentions that Prof. Birch has something for him/her. At Littleroot Town, the player is told that the recent events did change the climate in the Hoenn region, causing the Pokémon species that once left Hoenn to come back, and the regional Pokédex is not sufficient anymore, and gets the National Pokédex upgrade. The player now has all eight Badges, and they head down {{rt|128|Hoenn}} to [[Ever Grande City]], where {{ho|Victory Road}} and the Elite Four await. Wally battles the player one last time before they exit the cavern.