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* In the Johto saga of the anime, none of the Gym Leaders had exactly the same lineups as they do in the games.
* The Sinnoh saga marks the only time in the anime that all Gym Leaders in a region have used exactly the same teams as in the games.
* In the games, every Gym Leader has at least one Pokémon in his or her party that knows the [[TM]] move hethey or she givesgive out upon defeat. Former Gym Leaders do not count in this, as Wallace when he is faced as Champion and Giovanni when he is faced in Generation IV do not have Pokémon that know the move they gave out as TMs when they were faced as Gym Leaders in previous games. Koga, despite not being a Gym Leader in Generation IV, has several Pokémon that know Toxic, the move he last gave out as a TM.
* From Generations I to V (not counting remakes), every move that was in a TM given out by a Gym Leader was a new move for that generation, and many of them were rarely (if ever) seen on any other Pokémon in the generation they were introduced. This trend has been broken in Generation VI, where only three Gym Leaders—Viola, Korrina, and Valerie—hand out TMs with moves new to the generation.
* In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, the player can continue the game without defeating [[Winona]] of [[Fortree City]] until attempting to battle the Elite Four.