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Pokémon Dream World

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Players get to the island through the Dream Bridge. The island has several areas players may explore, where they can find items and befriend Pokémon. Usually only pre-Generation V Pokémon will appear, but Generation V Pokémon can appear if the player Game Syncs with Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. Only one Pokémon can be befriended and sent to the player's game per visit, and this Pokémon is selected from the Tree of Dreams by making a wish and placed on the Friend Board. Items may either be sent to the player's games, traded to other players via Share Shelf, or used to buy [[Décor]] (Berries only).
More areas are unlocked as players obtain Dream Points. If the player has access to more than one area, they are sent to a random area every time they go to the island (after September 28, 2011, all players have access to multiple areas). If a player obtains the necessary amount of points to unlock an area, he or shethey can access the area even without logging out of the Dream World or Global Link. From June 20, 2012 onwards, the [[type]] of the Pokémon sleeping influences the chances of which area the player will be sent to, excluding {{t|Dragon}} types. For example, {{type|Ice}} Pokémon increase the probability of visiting {{dwa|Icy Cave}}. [[Fennel's Munna]]—which can only be used in the demo—does not influence the chances of being sent to any particular area.
After exploring an area, players will go to the Tree of Dreams, where they may choose to leave a [[Berry]] in the tree and make a wish to choose one of their befriended Pokémon to send to the [[Entralink]]. If they do, they may not revisit the Island of Dreams until the next trip. However, if they do not choose to make a wish and befriend a Pokémon, they have the choice of visiting the island again to look for more Pokémon and items.