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Marvelous Bridge

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===Patrat show===
In Black and White, if the player has gone to [[Village Bridge]] and spoken to the woman with four {{p|Patrat}}, the woman and her troop will then appear on Marvelous Bridge and perform a cup-and-ball mini-game with her Patrat. Each Patrat has a distinctive characteristic: one has the biggest belly, the other the trendiest eyebrows, another the cutest dimples and the last has the biggest smile (of course, their sprites are all the same). The objective of the game is to guess which Patrat is holding a [[Big Mushroom]]. If the player wins, the Big Mushroom is the prize. If the player loses, he or shethey may try again until the correct guess is made. The player may only play until winning once per day. A winning strategy is to just look at the order of their final jumps.
In Black 2 and White 2, the Patrat show is not found, but a spiritual successor can be found in the {{DL|Striaton City|Striaton Restaurant}}, which is conducted with three {{p|Pansear}}, {{p|Panpour}}, or {{p|Pansage}}.