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Pokémon Trainers come in all sorts of [[#Trainer class|classes]]: {{tc|Youngster}}s tend to stay close to home, and {{tc|Bug Catcher}}s swarm about the {{t|Bug}}-filled forests; {{tc|Hiker}}s traverse mountains and [[cave]]s, {{tc|Fisherman|Fishermen}} are rarely far from water, and {{tc|Ace Trainer}}s aspire to compete in the [[Pokémon League]]. A Trainer's class may reflect their [[Type expert|favorite type]], the areas they prefer, their technique, and their level of skill; however, even within each class, Trainers may vary greatly.
[[File:Ash Unova Pokédex.png|thumb|250px|A Pokédex and set of Poké Balls for a beginning Trainer in the {{series|Best Wishes}}]]
Many towns have a [[Gym]] run by a strong and experienced Trainer known as a [[Gym Leader]]. Other Trainers may challenge a Gym Leader, and if the Gym Leader is defeated in battle, hethey oraward shethe awards themchallenger a [[Badge]]. However, in the [[Pokémon anime]], the Gym Leader may award the Trainer a Badge for other reasons, since the Badge is a symbol of the Trainer's skill. For example, {{Ash}} won several of his early Badges by refusing to take an unfair advantage or going out of his way to save a Gym, which proved himself as an exceptional Trainer outside of battle. In [[Alola]], each of the four islands has a [[Island Kahuna|Kahuna]] who may be challenged by traveling Trainers taking the [[island challenge]] after the completion of their island's trials.
Above the level of Gym Leaders and Island Kahunas are the [[Elite Four]] members and the [[Pokémon League]] {{pkmn|Champion}}. There are also Trainers who serve as {{cat|Battle facility leaders|leaders}} for [[Battle facility|battle facilities]] not recognized by the Pokémon League, such as the [[Frontier Brain]]s of the [[Battle Frontier]] and the {{tc|Battle Chatelaine}}s of the [[Battle Maison]]. These Trainers are considered the cream of the crop, and should a Trainer defeat other Trainers at this level, it is not uncommon for him or her to be offered a place in these high ranks.