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List of in-game event Pokémon in Generation V

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If the {{player}} has a [[Liberty Pass]], he or shethey can take a ferry from [[Castelia City]] to [[Liberty Garden]]. After defeating the {{tc|Team Plasma Grunt}}s occupying the island, the player can meet Victini inside the statue in the center.
If the {{player}} transfers an [[List of Nintendo event Pokémon with in-game effects|event]] {{p|Celebi}} from a [[Generation IV]] game to {{game|Black and White|s|Black or White}} via the [[Relocator]] or [[Poké Transfer]] and takes it to the [[Game Freak]] building, he or shethey will find a male {{p|Zorua}} that will join the party if player has any kind of Poké Ball to spare.
After defeating [[Ghetsis]] and viewing the credits, the way to the deepest parts of the [[Relic Castle]] will be unveiled. After the {{player}} finds Ryoku of the [[Seven Sages]], he or shethey can continue to {{p|Volcarona}}'s shrine and battle it.
After the player has seen every Pokémon of the [[List of Pokémon by New Unova Pokédex number|New Unova Pokédex]], he or shethey will receive a [[Permit]] from [[Professor Juniper]], which will grant access to the [[Nature Preserve]] by plane from [[Mistralton City]]. Within the sanctuary is a {{shiny}} {{p|Haxorus}}.
===[[Lake guardians]]===
After encountering {{p|Uxie}}, {{p|Mesprit}} and {{p|Azelf}} at [[Cave of Being]] they scatter throughout [[Unova]]. Upon arriving at their given locations, the game will ask the player if hethey or she wantswant to examine further. Doing so will summon the guardian to battle.
Uxie, the being of knowledge, is found in front of the [[Nacrene Gym|Nacrene Museum]].