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In the Pokémon X demo, the {{player}} is {{ga|Calem}} (named Xavier or エックス in Japanese); in the Pokémon Y demo, the player is {{ga|Serena}} (named Yvonne or ワイ in Japanese). The player starts with a random [[Kalos]] [[starter Pokémon]], {{p|Helioptile}}, and {{p|Sylveon}}; all 3 Pokémon are at level 30 and have a random [[gender]], and have a regular chance of being {{Shiny}}. The player starts off the demo with 10 {{i|Poké Ball}}s, which they can use to catch the wild Pokémon that appear. The player also starts off with 5 [[Potion]]s, 5 [[Hyper Potion]]s, 5 [[Paralyze Heal]]s, and 5 [[Awakening]]s in the bag. [[Pokémon-Amie]] is constantly present on the touch screen while the player is in the overworld. Pokémon do not gain [[experience]] in the demo.
The player is welcomed by [[Alexa]], and starts in a modified version of {{rt|4|Kalos}}, an area with a large fountain in an area of decreased elevation, surrounded by small staircases leading to the fountain. Between the player's starting position and the fountain is [[tall grass]]. A wild {{p|Pikachu}} will appear as soon as the player steps into the tall grass for the first time..
At the fountain is a {{p|Skiddo}}, which the player can mount with A and dismount with B. As Skiddo cannot climb stairs, the player is restricted to the small area around the fountain.
Just past the fountain is the opposite-gendered [[player character]] ({{ga|Serena}} in X demo or {{ga|Calem}} in Y demo). If the player interacts with him or herthem, he or shethey will challenge the player to a battle. He or sheThey hashave the starter Pokémon that is super effective against the player's and a {{p|Gabite}}.
Past the fountain is a field of red and yellow flowers, in which [[wild Pokémon]] can be encountered. A {{p|Fletchling}} is walking around in one of the patches of red flowers. Past the field of flowers are two hedge mazes on the left and right, each containing a {{p|Litleo}} and a {{p|Marill}} walking around; if the player interacts with one of these Pokémon, it will cry.