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Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop

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The bike shop, which is located south of the [[Pokémon Center]] in [[Eterna City]], serves the same purpose as the bike shops in [[Cerulean City]], [[Goldenrod City]], and [[Mauville City]]. Like in these shops, the player is not allowed to buy a Bicycle. The bike for {{game2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}} is eventually given as a reward for saving Rad Rickshaw's {{p|Clefairy}} from [[Team Galactic Eterna Building]].
Once the Bicycle is obtained, the player can leave Eterna City to the south, via {{rt|206|Sinnoh}}. HeThey or she isare also prevented from returning to {{rt|205|Sinnoh}} until after visiting Route 206 for the first time. Later in the game, if the player returns to the bike shop, the owner will read from the instruction manual and explain how to use the two gears of the bike.