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Pichu Bros. in Party Panic

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Trivia: This is just the in-game Pikachu reacting to the TV.
*One Japanese version of the episode is narrated by {{an|Misty}}.
*Although neither [[Ash's Pikachu]] or any other {{p|Pikachu}} appeared, {{MTR}} references Ash's Pikachu through the comment "Boy, they're scarier than Pikachu" when he got annoyed at the [[Squirtle Squad]]'s slow work for the second time.
*Although not appearing in this special, a Pikachu's voice can be heard throughout the episode multiple times.
*In one scene, Meowth can be seen holding something that looks like a [[Nintendo GameCube]] controller.
*It is never explained why the Squirtle Squad is working with Meowth, or the random {{p|Cubone}}.