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In the anime
Nicknamed Pokémon still say their species name as their [[cry]] in the anime instead of their nickname. For example, [[Sparky]] still says "Pikachu" and variants of it.
Ash's mother, {{Delia}}, calls her {{p|Mr. Mime}} by the nickname [[Mimey]]. She also gave several of Ash's [[Alola]] Pokémon nicknames in ''[[SM024|Alolan Open House!]]'' and ''[[SM142|A Full Battle Bounty!]]''.
A {{m|surf}}ing {{p|Pikachu}} called [[Puka]] appeared in ''[[EP067|The Pi-Kahuna]]''.
In ''[[SM099|We Know Where You're Going, Eevee!]]'', {{an|Lana}} nicknamed the {{p|Eevee}} she caught [[Sandy]].
In [[SS011]], [[Renji]] has a {{p|Magnemite}} nicknamed (Japanese:'''フランソワーズ''' ''Françoise'').
===In Pokémon Origins===