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Before its release, Pokémon Masters had surpassed 5 million preregistrationspre-registrations.<ref>[ "Pokémon Masters Surpasses 5 Million Preregistrations" - The Pokémon Company International Official Press Site]</ref> Since its launch, it surpassed 10 million downloads in four days<ref>[ "Hit Mobile Game Pokémon Masters Surpasses 10 Million Downloads In Just 4 Days" - The Pokémon Company International Official Press Site]</ref> and made $25 million in revenue in its first week.<ref>[ ‘Pokémon Masters’ Is Shaping Up To Be A Hit With $25 Million In Week 1 Revenue]</ref>
Amid the lukewarm reception from the community, particularly on the lack of content, unfulfilling completion rewards, and difficulty of the game's mechanics, DeNA released out a letter from the producers, where they apologized for the delay on addressing the game's problems and promised to focus on the community's complaints first.<ref>[ A Message from the Pokémon Masters Team (Vol. 1)]</ref>