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Jessie's Arbok

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[[File:DP161 Arbok flute.png|thumb|250px|Jessilina and her Arbok-shaped flute]]
* {{p|Arbok}}'s arrow-like pattern on its neck differs in some episodes. Sometimes, the ends of the arrow stretch until the ends of its eye-like patterns on its chest and is only a few inches wide. Similarly, there are two red dots on its arrow in some episodes, and in other episodes, there are none.
* In ''[[EP061|The Misty Mermaid]]'', Jessie's Arbok was shown to be able to swim without the need for air.
* Its gender was hinted in the Japanese version of ''[[EP017|Island of the Giant Pokémon]]''. In the subtitles, it refers to itself and {{TP|James|Koffing|Weezing}} as おれたち ''{{wp|Japanese pronouns|ore-tachi}}'', which is a pronoun normally used by males meaning "we", also used by characters such as {{Ash}}, {{an|Brock}} and [[James]] in the Japanese version.