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'''Shipping''' (short for "relationshipping"; '''カップリング''' ''Coupling'' in Japanese) is the belief that two characters in the [[Pokémon]] universe are in a romantic relationship, or may have romantic feelings that could potentially lead to a relationship. It is generally used as a suffix attached to a word related to a pair of characters (like in PokéShipping).
For example, a person who would like to see {{Ash}} and {{an|Misty}} as boyfriend and girlfriend would be a PokéShipper, and as a PokéShipper, he or shethey would support PokéShipping. In addition to "shipping," and "shipper," there are "ship," which is a word for the pairing itself, and "shippy," which is used as an adjective. For example, if Ash and Misty kissed, that moment would be considered PokéShippy. A basic rundown follows:
; Noun : ''ship'' (pairing) : Example: "I support that ship." means "I support that pairing."