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Premium Plan
|caption=Logo of Pokémon HOME
|launched=February 11, 2020 <small>(The Americas)</small><br>February 12, 2020 <small>(Japan, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Hong Kong)</small><br>February 12, 2020 <small>(Taiwan, mobile only)</small>
|serviceprovided=Online Pokémon storage and trading
|accessableby={{wp|iOS}}, {{wp|Android (operating system)|Android}}, [[Nintendo Switch]]
|externallink=[ Official site] (Japanese)<br/>[ Official site] (English)
'''Pokémon HOME''' (Japanese: '''Pokémon HOME''') is a cloud service for {{wp|iOS}}, {{wp|Android (operating system)|Android}}, and the [[Nintendo Switch]]. It serves as a complement to the Nintendo Switch [[core series]] games, replacing [[Pokémon Bank]] and the [[Pokémon Global Link]]. It was released worldwide on February 12, 2020.<ref group="note" name="release">Due to time zones, the game was released on February 11, 2020 in North America, even though it was released at the same time as the rest of the world.</ref> Certain countries that have not received the Nintendo Switch can only access the mobile version.
It was announced at the [[Pokémon Press Conference|Pokémon 2019 Press Conference]] on May 29, 2019.
Pokémon can be traded using the mobile phone version. ThereUnlike areonline fourtrades typesin ofthe core series, trades: in HOME do not trigger trade [[evolution]].
There are four types of trades:
* '''Wonder Box''' (Japanese: '''ミラクルボックス''' ''Miracle Box''): Up to 3 Pokémon (10 Pokémon with a Premium Plan) can be deposited for trade at once. Like [[Wonder Trade]]s and [[Surprise Trade]]s, they will be traded at random for other Pokémon.
* '''[[Global Trade System|GTS]]''': One Pokémon (3 Pokémon with a Premium Plan) can be deposited for trade at once, in exchange for a requested Pokémon.
===National Pokédex===
{{incomplete|section|Confirmation of being able to receive Original Color Magearna? Can Eternal Flower Floette be imported?}}
Pokémon HOME features a [[National Pokédex]] that records information on Pokémon that have been deposited in the Boxes in Pokémon HOME. Users can view basic information and Pokédex entries from the [[Generation VI]], {{gen|VII}}, and {{gen|VIII}} core series games of Pokémon they have registered. Pokédex entries from other languages and alternate [[form]]s of Pokémon can also be registered.
==Premium Plan==
Except for prices for the Nintendo eShop in the United States, all prices below includeare taxinclusive of GST/VAT or other taxes where applicable.
{| class="roundtable" style="background: #{{green color}}; border: 3px solid #{{silver color}}"
| ₽1190
==Event distributions==
{{main|List of game-based Pokémon distributions in Generation VIII}}
==Version history==
** Furthermore, [[Shiny Pokémon]] appear as Shiny, instead of their usual colorations.
==See alsoRelease==
*In regions where the Nintendo eShop is not available, the Nintendo Switch version cannot be downloaded using a Nintendo Account set to that region from the Nintendo eShop. Unlike most other [[Pokémon Bank]]mobile applications, it is not available in {{pmin|Vietnam}}. Although {{pmin|Greater China|mainland China}} is listed in the app's region select, it is not currently available for download there.
{| class="roundtable" style="background: #{{green color}}; border: 3px solid #{{silver color}}"
! style="background:#{{silver color light}}" | Date
! style="background:#{{silver color light}}" | Locations
| style="white-space:nowrap" rowspan="3" | February 11, 2020<ref group="note" name="release"/><br>February 12, 2020
| {{pmin|Latin America|Argentina}}, {{pmin|Australia}}, Austria, {{pmin|Belgium}}, {{pmin|Brazil}}, {{pmin|Bulgaria}}, {{pmin|Latin America|Canada}}, {{pmin|Latin America|Chile}}, {{pmin|Latin America|Colombia}}, {{pmin|Croatia}}, Cyprus, {{pmin|the Czech Republic|Czech Republic}}, {{pmin|Denmark}}, Estonia, {{pmin|Finland}}, {{pmin|France}}, {{pmin|Germany}}, {{pmin|Greece}}, {{pmin|Greater China|Hong Kong}}, {{pmin|Hungary}}, {{pmin|Ireland}}, {{pmin|Italy}}, Japan, {{pmin|Latvia}}, {{pmin|Lithuania}}, Luxembourg, Malta, {{pmin|Latin America|Mexico}}, {{pmin|the Netherlands|Netherlands}}, {{pmin|New Zealand}}, {{pmin|Norway}}, {{pmin|Latin America|Peru}}, {{pmin|Poland}}, {{pmin|Portugal}}, {{pmin|Romania}}, {{pmin|Russia}}, {{pmin|Slovakia}}, Slovenia, {{pmin|South Korea}}, {{pmin|Spain}}, {{pmin|Sweden}}, Switzerland, {{pmin|the United Kingdom|United Kingdom}}, {{pmin|the United States|United States}}
| '''Nintendo eShop only''': South Africa
| '''Mobile version only''': Belarus, Brunei, {{pmin|Latin America|Ecuador}}, {{pmin|the Arab world|Egypt}}, {{pmin|Iceland}}, {{pmin|South Asia|India}}, {{pmin|Indonesia}}, {{pmin|Israel}}, Kazakhstan, {{pmin|the Arab world|Kuwait}}, {{pmin|Greater China|Macau}}, {{pmin|Malaysia}}, {{pmin|the Arab world|Morocco}}, Nigeria, {{pmin|the Arab world|Oman}}, {{pmin|South Asia|Pakistan}}, {{pmin|Latin America|Panama}}, {{pmin|the Philippines|Philippines}}, {{pmin|the Arab world|Qatar}}, {{pmin|the Arab world|Saudi Arabia}}, {{pmin|Serbia}}, {{pmin|Singapore}}, {{pmin|Greater China|Taiwan}}, {{pmin|Thailand}}, {{pmin|Turkey}}, Turkmenistan, {{pmin|Ukraine}}, {{pmin|the Arab world|United Arab Emirates}}, {{pmin|Latin America|Venezuela}}
==In other languages==
|ru=Pokémon HOME
==See also==
* [[Pokémon Bank]]
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