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Gameplay and features
==Gameplay and features==
Pokéwalker gameplay boils down to simply walking around with the device so as to charge up watts, then utilizing the watts to purchase use of the [[Poké Radar]] and [[Dowsing Machine]]. Up to three caught Pokémon and up to three found items may be stored at once: after either limit is reached and given the player has caught another Pokémon or found another item, he/she will have to decide to replace either, in order to make space for the new Pokémon or item. The step counter resets at midnight each day. Watts is the mode of currency used within the Pokéwalker and can be earned in various different ways: every 20 steps the player takes 1 watt is earned, and Pokémon within the Pokéwalker can randomly find multiples of 10, 20, or 50 watts whilst on their walk. In total, a Pokémon can only gain one level every time they are sent to the Pokéwalker, and will not gain any more experience if it exceeds that level. If a Pokémon shouldcannot learn amoves move whileby leveling up, if the level is gained in the Pokéwalker, it will not learn the move.
Each Pokéwalker area has three advantageous [[type]]s which vary between areas, and have influence over the Pokéwalker's Poké Radar and Dowsing Machine. When a Pokémon of an advantageous type is brought into an area, then the chance of finding rarer Pokémon when using the Poké Radar and items when using the Dowsing Machine will slightly increase. In addition to making rarer Pokémon easier to find when using the Poké Radar, an advantageous type will lower the required step count for each Pokémon by 25%. This effect does not seem to apply to the Dowsing Machine.
The Pokéwalker can be used without a Pokémon stored in it, as well. It will continue to accumulate steps and watts. The Dowsing Machine can still be used, but the Poké Radar cannot, as no battle could take place. In addition, Pokémon from the route being walked may voluntarily join in the Pokéwalker seemingly at random, taking the spot of the missing Pokémon, essentially being caught for free.
===[[File:Pokéwalker Pokéradar.png]] Poké Radar===