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Woobat (Pokémon)

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Woobat is a blue, spherical Pokémon, resembling a {{wp|Honduran White Bat}}. It is covered in shaggy fur and has a large, piggish nose with a heart-shaped nostril. Two tufts of shaggy fur hide its eyes, and its mouth has a single fang in the center of its upper jaw. There are two relatively small, black wings on either side of its body.
Woobat's nose serves various purposes: It uses ultrasonic waves from its nostrils for echolocation, and it can also be used to grip walls as Woobat sleeps, which leaves heart-shaped marks on the walls of caves. A Woobat's heart-shaped mark is said to give good fortune to whoever its leaves its mark on. Woobt preys on bug Pokémon. Woobat are known to live in caves and dark forests.
==In the anime==