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===Inheriting Forms===
In most cases, if a hatched species has [[List of Pokémon with form differences|multiple forms]] (not dependent on in-battle conditions), it will often inherit the form of the mother or non-{{p|Ditto}} parent. {{p|Burmy}} will always hatch with the same cloak as its mother;, and if bred between {{p|Mothim}} and {{p|Ditto}}, it will always hatch with a Plant Cloak. {{p|Rockruff}} with the [[Ability]] {{a|Own Tempo}}, which evolves into {{p|Lycanroc}}'s Dusk Form, is treated as a separate form and can inheritpass down this trait accordingly to its offspring. {{p|Oricorio}}, which changes its form using [[nectar]]s, can also pass down its form by breeding.
There are a few exceptions to this inheritance pattern:
* {{p|Rotom}} will always hatch into its normal form, but can be changed afterwards
* {{p|Vivillon}}'s pattern depends on the real-world, geographic area of the save file it originated from, regardless of its parent's pattern
* {{p|Furfrou}}, whose trims are temporary, always hatch in its Natural Form
* {{p|Sinistea}} will always hatch as a Phony Form, even if its parent is an Antique Form
In addition, species with [[regional form]]s will hatch into whichever form is native to that region. However, if a parent of a foreign form and same family is holding an [[Everstone]], the offspring will be of that foreign form instead.
Lastly, the [[Gigantamax]] Factor cannot be passed down by breeding.
===Inheriting Poké Balls===
Prior toIn [[Generation VIV]] and prior, all hatched Pokémon are obtained in a standard red-and-white {{i|Poké Ball}}s.
Starting in [[Generation VI]], the [[Poké Ball]] of the female Pokémon will be passed down to its offspring. In Generation VII, if a maleMale and femalegenderless Pokémon of(including the{{p|Ditto}}) samehave [[Pokémonno (species)|species]]impact are bred,on the offspring will have an equal chancetype of inheriting either parent's Poké Ball. Despiteinherited; beingas ablesuch, towhen producebreeding offspringa ofmale eitheror speciesgenderless whenPokémon bredwith together,Ditto {{p|Nidoran♀}}/{{p|Nidoran♂}}(which andis {{p|Volbeat}}/{{p|Illumise}}the areonly stillway consideredto differentbreed certain species and), the male'soffspring Pokéis Ballalways willobtained notin bea inheritedstandard whenPoké breeding with its female counterpartBall.
In [[Generation VIVII]], if a male and genderlessfemale Pokémon (includingof {{p|Ditto}}the same [[Pokémon (species)|species]] haveare nobred impact(regardless onof form), the typeoffspring ofwill Pokéhave Ballan inherited;equal aschance such,of wheninheriting breedingeither parent's Poké Ball. Additionally, a male orand genderless Pokémon withis Dittoguaranteed (whichto ispass thedown onlyits wayPoké toBall breedif certainbred species),with thea offspringDitto. isHowever, alwaysdespite obtainedbeing inable ato standardproduce Pokéoffspring Ball.of Ineither [[Generation VII]],species when breedingbred atogether, male{{p|Nidoran♀}}/{{p|Nidoran♂}} orand genderless{{p|Volbeat}}/{{p|Illumise}} Pokémonare withstill Ditto,considered thedifferent Pokéspecies, Ball ofand the male's orPoké genderless PokémonBall will not be passedinherited downwhen tobreeding with its offspringfemale counterpart.
For the purposes of inheriting Poké Balls, parents in aThe [[Master Ball]] orand [[Cherish Ball]] arecannot alwaysbe passed down by breeding, and instead, the inheriting treatedoffspring aswill beinghatch ininto a standard Poké Ball.
===Breeding for Shininess===