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Internal battery life
==Internal battery life==
Clock-based events in this game as well as {{game|Ruby}} and {{game|Sapphire}} are controlled by a CR1616 lithium battery in the game cartridge. When starting up a file, players may receive a notification that the internal battery has run dry, and that clock-based events will no longer occur. This does not affect the save file or progress in the game, only events that happen in real-time, such as berry growth or the [[Shoal Cave]] tides.
Even after replacing the battery, symptoms may persist in existing save files. This is because as soon as the battery runs dry, the timestamp associated with real-time events (that had been increasing steadily since the file was created) reverts to its initial value. This means that if the game was played for 5 years before the battery ran dry, it would take 5 years with a new battery for the new timestamp to catch up to the old value and for time to "progress" once more. [ Furlock's Forest] details this issue and possible solutions.
Starting a new save file after the battery is replaced will fix the problem because all events will be triggered relative to a new timestamp.
It should be noted that the same symptoms, but lacking the notification about the internal battery, may be caused by the [[Berry glitch]].