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Cast and crew
{{an|May}} has been voiced by '''Aksa Korttila''' in seasons 6, 7 and the most of season 8, while '''Elise Langenoja''' has voiced [[Max]] from seasons 6 to 8. '''Mirjami Heikkinen''' is the voice actress for {{an|Dawn}}, while {{an|Iris}}'s voice actress is '''Saara Aalto'''. {{an|Cilan}} is voiced by '''Petrus Kähkönen''', who has previously voiced some recurring characters and [[Character of the day|characters of the day]]. [[Gary Oak]] has been voiced by '''Pasi Ruohonen''', among other voice actors. Pasi Ruohonen had also voiced the [[narrator]] for many years, but starting with season 18 the narrator is voiced by '''Markus Bäckman'''. {{an|Serena}} is voiced by '''Alina Tomnikov''', {{an|Clemont}} is voiced by '''Henri Piispanen''' (who had previously voiced [[Shamus]] and {{OBP|Keldeo|M15}}), and {{an|Bonnie}} is voiced by '''Henni-Liisa Stam''' (except the last 3 episodes of the XY series, where she was substituted by '''Saara Lehtonen'''). Stam had also voiced May in the last seven episodes of season 8, and some minor characters.
In the {{series|Sun & Moon}}, {{an|Lana}} is voiced by '''Ella Tarvonen''', {{an|Kiawe}} is voiced by '''Vili Orava''', {{an|Lillie}} is voiced by '''Saara Lehtonen''', {{an|Sophocles}} is voiced by '''Susa Saukko''' (also Jessie's current voice actress), and {{an|Mallow}} is voiced by '''Yasmine Yamajako''', who previously voiced [[Alexa]] and {{an|Hoopa|Hoopa Confined}}. {{an|Rotom Pokédex}} is voiced by '''Markus Niemi'''. [[{{an|Professor Kukui]]}} is voiced by '''Ilkka Villi''', whose previous major roles include [[Stephan]], [[Colress]], and [[{{an|Professor Sycamore]]}}.
Also, the Eleven to Fourteen bracket winner in [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]] {{TCG|2006 World Championships}}, [[Miska Saari]], has voiced [[Shane]], the [[character of the day]] in the episode ''[[AG080|That's Just Swellow]]''.<ref>Ilta-Sanomat. "[ Pokemon-mestari tv-sarjaan]" (August 24, 2006)</ref>