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Personality and characteristics
[[File:ZappedAgain.png|thumb|250px|Pikachu does not like having his cheeks rubbed]]
In general, Pikachu as a species is not particularly powerful, but Ash's Pikachu is an anomaly, overcoming odds in {{pkmn|battle}} numerous times. In ''[[EP002|Pokémon Emergency!]]'', {{MTR}} remarked that Pikachu's power "far exceeds its evolutionary level". In ''[[EP005|Showdown in Pewter City]]'', he defeated [[Brock's Onix]] with an {{type|Electric}} attack that triggered the sprinkler system causing Onix to be drenched in water, one of its weaknesses. Ash's Pikachu has also defeated very powerful Pokémon that Ash's other Pokémon were unable to, such as {{p|Dragonite}}, {{p|Metagross}} and [[Mega Evolution|Mega]] {{TP|Korrina|Lucario}}. He was also the second of Ash's Pokémon to defeat a legendary Pokémon in battle, defeating [[Brandon's Legendary titans#Regice|Brandon's Regice]] to win the Brave Symbol. He later fought {{si|Tobias}}'s Latios to a draw in [[DP189|the semi-finals]] of the [[Lily of the Valley Conference]], and defeated {{DL|Guardian deities (anime)|Tapu Koko}} at [[Manalo Stadium]]. He has helped Ash win countless battles and [[Gym]] and {{pkmn|League}} matches.
The possibility of evolving into Raichu was first raised in the episode ''[[EP014|Electric Shock Showdown]]''. After suffering a crushing defeat by [[Lt. Surge's Raichu]], Nurse Joy presented Ash with a Thunder Stone. Ash allowed Pikachu to decide, but it smacked the stone away with his tail, choosing to become stronger as it is, and defeated Raichu using its superior speed. In the Sinnoh region, Pikachu [[DP074|battled]] a Raichu belonging to a trainer named [[Sho]]. The two were evenly matched until Raichu used {{m|Hyper Beam}} to secure victory, a move Pikachu could not learn. At a Pokémon Center, Ash revealed that he kept the Thunder Stone he acquired in Vermilion City in case Pikachu changed his mind about evolving. Once again, Pikachu chose not to evolve and defeated Sho's Raichu in a rematch with a combination of speed and spinning techniques learned from {{an|Dawn}}. In the interim, {{TRT}} stole the Thunder Stone, as they also liked Pikachu to stay as he is.
Pikachu is always becoming a constant target whenever he gets captured by Team Rocket. Sometimes, they succeed with nets, cages, capsules or different devices, but most of the time their plans always failed by Ash and his friends or something else. Whenever Pikachu gets released from their trap and reunites with Ash, he sends Team Rocket blasting off with his {{t|Electric}} attacks. Most of the time, in this case, his Thunderbolt. Sometimes, Pikachu sends them away even when he didn't get stolen. On other occasions, he battles them with Ash.
Even with his high level of electrical power, Pikachu has not stopped learning new attacks. Upon learning that [[Roxanne]], the Rustboro Gym Leader used Rock types, Ash had Pikachu begin learning Iron Tail in ''[[AG013|All Things Bright and Beautifly!]]''. After training hard, Pikachu finally perfected it in ''[[AG016|The Winner by a Nosepass]]'', where he used it to defeat Roxanne's {{p|Nosepass}} and earn Ash his first Hoenn Badge. In addition to giving Pikachu an advantage over Rock types, Iron Tail has allowed Pikachu to defeat many powerful opponents. In ''[[AG150|May's Egg-Cellent Adventure]]'', during a battle with Team Rocket, Ash ordered Pikachu to do a Quick Attack. Much to the surprise of Ash and his friends, the Quick Attack morphed into Volt Tackle which sent Team Rocket blasting off. Until ''[[BW020|Dancing With the Ducklett Trio!]]'', it has been one of Pikachu's signature moves, in which Pikachu replaced it with Electro Ball, which it learned while battling a trio of annoying {{p|Ducklett}}. NotIn ''[[SM076|A Battle Hand-Off!]]'', Pikachu learned {{m|Electroweb}} in place of Electro Ball, allowing it to not only thattrap opponents, but use the web as a springboard to increase its mobility. In addition to its repertoire of moves, Pikachu has used his Ability, {{a|Static}}, a few times in the anime, and is shown to have an affinity for [[Z-Move]]s and the ability to [[Gigantamax]].
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