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In [[SS007]], Ash used Pikachu as his second Pokémon in his battle against [[Houji]] in the [[Battle Frontier Flute Cup]] finals, where he faced Houji's {{p|Mightyena}}. Pikachu was fairly evenly matched against his opponent, but eventually, he was able to defeat Mightyena, ending the battle and giving the victory to Ash.
In [[SS013]], Ash used Pikachu to battle a [[Gigantamax]] {{p|Drednaw}} that was rampaging outside [[Wyndon Stadium]]. His attacks did nothing against the giant Pokémon, forcing Ash and Pikachu to run, but unexpectedly, they stumbled upon glowing cracks on the ground, from which [[Dynamax]] energy poured out and caused Pikachu to Gigantamax too. Initially, Pikachu had trouble moving around in his new, giant form, but soon got used to it. Following an advice from [[Leon]], Ash told Pikachu to use {{m|G-Max Volt Crash}}, defeating Drednaw and causing it to revert to normal. Afterwards, Pikachu returned to normal as well. Later, Ash used Pikachu in a battle against Leon and his {{p|Charizard}}. Thanks to the [[Dynamax Band]] that Ash had received from Leon, Pikachu was able to Gigantamax again. Despite this, however, Pikachu was soon defeated by Charizard's {{m|G-Max Wildfire}}.
===Personality and characteristics===
* Pikachu was the first Pokémon belonging to a main character to activate their [[Ability]] in the anime.
** Pikachu was also the first Pokémon belonging to a main character to [[Gigantamax]] in the anime.
** Additionally, Pikachu is the first Pokémon in the anime to have both used Z-Moves and Dynamaxed.
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