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Lance is largely independent, but still receives assistance from allies like [[Officer Jenny]]. He quickly befriended {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} in ''[[EP236|Rage of Innocence]]'', after realizing that they were also concerned for [[Red Gyarados]]'s safety. He then enlisted their assistance to deal with [[Team Rocket]] and the [[Lake of Rage]] crisis. Lance was surprised to re-encounter Ash and the others in the [[Hoenn]] [[region]], and worked with them to disrupt [[Team Aqua]] and [[Team Magma]]'s plans in ''[[AG097|Gaining Groudon]]'' and ''[[AG098|The Scuffle of Legends]]''.
Lance is an incredibly strong {{pkmn|Trainer}}. In [[SS012]], he was revealed to have won the [[Pokémon World Tournament]] in [[Driftveil City]], as well as having been strong enough to reach the finals of the Pokémon World Championships, in which eight of the strongest Trainers from their respective [[region]]s had gatheredgather to compete for the title of World Champion. He was even able to hold his own against [[Leon]], the undefeated {{pkmn|Champion}} of [[Galar]].