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====={{chap|Black & White}}=====
[[File:Iris B2W2 chapter.png|thumb|left|270px|Iris in the eleventh chapter]]
Iris debuted in ''[[PS487PS478|Big City Battles]]''. She was first seen informing [[Burgh]] that {{adv|Black}} had arrived to challenge his Gym. After accidentally insulting his newest art piece, Iris cheered Burgh up by complimenting the smell of honey on his body. Later, Iris took an unconscious {{adv|Bianca}} to the [[Castelia Gym]], where she revealed the girl was attacked and had her Pokémon stolen. With Black's detective abilities, the group found the thieves were [[Team Plasma]] and managed to retrieve all of the Pokémon they had stolen.
In ''[[PS498|Decisions, Decisions]]'', Iris reunited with Black during his training with [[Brycen]]. There, she revealed that she was training with Drayden to become a Dragon-type expert. Black found it hard to believe her claims, annoying Iris into requesting a battle with Drayden, only to be easily swatted away and defeated. Later, Drayden left to do his own business and told Iris to stay with Black for the duration of his training in hopes that she would learn from it as well. After Black finished his training and Gym battle with Brycen, Iris reluctantly informed him that the {{un|Pokémon League}}'s opening date had been pushed up from three months to a week.