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List of Pokémon with gender differences

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[[File:Blanche Meowstic.png|thumb|right|230px|Two {{p|Meowstic}} present different appearances depending on their gender, as seen in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
[[File:Pyroar gender difference anime.png|thumb|right|230px|{{p|Pyroar}}'s gender difference in the anime, with the male and female respectively]]
Some species of Pokémon have '''differences in appearance due to [[gender]]''' in the [[Pokémon world]], with noticeable differences between the males and females. With the exception of the differences between {{p|Nidoran♂|male}} and {{p|Nidoran♀|female}} Nidoran (which are considered distinct species), gender differences were introduced in [[Generation IV]].
These differences are a reference to {{wp|sexual dimorphism}}, which is commonly seen in many real lifeforms and may offer some clues to their biology and behavior.
In {{game2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}}, inat the [[gate]] to [[Canalave City]], [[Professor Rowan]]'s assistant upgrades the {{player}}'s Pokédex to be able to display [[List of Pokémon with form differences|form differences]], including gender differences. In subsequent games, they are displayed from the start.
Later generations would introduce far fewer Pokémon with gender differences, but those that were introduced varied much more drastically in appearance. Two Pokémon, {{p|Meowstic}} and {{p|Indeedee}}, even have different {{DL|Ability|Abilities}} and learn different [[move]]s through [[level]]ing, [[TM]]s and [[breeding]] depending on their gender. Male and female Indeedee even have different [[stats]]. However, most Pokémon look identical despite their gender.