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Undo revision 3116553 by PokéSean (talk)This is very obvious. Of course they wouldn't have names that you would otherwise call them had you chose them.
* The list of default names per gender generally repeats from game to game, starting in Pokémon Crystal. Exceptions to this are character-specific names, which are names unique to a character and are usually references to the title or aspects of the game.
* Until [[Generation V]], the given Japanese names of the male player characters in the [[core series]] games (as NPCs) all end in ''ki'' ('''キ'''). This excludes Red's appearance in Generations II and IV, as he is not a player character during the games when he is an NPC. Inclusively, Lunick's Japanese name also ends in ''ki''.
* Even though the player's names are what the player calls them, they use common default names from promotional material (Victor and Gloria are named in SwSh promos) or the names as opposed to an NPC (Serena and Calem are NPCs opposed in XY).
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