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Caterpie (Pokémon)

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* In the anime and in Pokémon Adventures, Caterpie holds the record as the Pokémon who takes the least time to evolve twice, taking only [[BW130|one episode]] in the anime and [[PS89|one chapter]] in Pokémon Adventures.
** [[Polibo|Poliwag]] and [[Togebo|Togepi]] also share this record, but in Pokémon Adventures only.
* Prior to Generation VI, Caterpie's body styleshape was [[File:Body02.png|32px]].
* In ''[[EP003|Ash Catches a Pokémon]]'', when Caterpie evolves into Metapod, the process was similar to a real caterpillar going into pupation. [[AG142|Later]] [[BW130|episodes]] show Caterpie evolving like the rest of the Pokémon do.
* Caterpie is tied with {{p|Weedle}}, {{p|Magikarp}}, {{p|Igglybuff}}, {{p|Carvanha}}, {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Attack Forme}} {{p|Deoxys}}, and {{p|Stonjourner}} for having the lowest Special Defense stat of all Pokémon.