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Trivia: Well, technically, Ash DID win the Orange League, so specifying that didn't count.
** None of its {{pkmn|movie}}s (''[[M20|I Choose You!]]'', ''[[M21|The Power of Us]]'', and ''[[M22|Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution]]'') take place in the same timeline or region as that of the {{pkmn|anime}}, or introduce any Pokémon from a future [[generation]].
** Other main characters besides Ash, members of a [[villainous teams|villainous team]], and a [[Pokémon Professor]] participate as competitors in a regional {{pkmn|League Conference}}.
** Ash is the winner of a League Conference (not counting the Orange League).
*** Ash doesn't end up being beaten by [[Gary Oak]] after winning the main event.
** Every Pokémon introduced in the concurrent generation has made an appearance in the series they were introduced in the main series of the {{pkmn|anime}}.