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He was a childhood friend of [[Agatha]]. They remained good friends and top-class Pokémon Trainers until Oak stopped battling and became interested in Pokémon research. Agatha said that he became soft and started to regard him as a fool. However, Oak still affiliates with the [[Pokémon League]] as an adviser. In [[Pokemon Masters]], during her Sync Pair Story "A Day with Agatha", Agatha explains how she and Oak met. Oak was always friendly and open when he was young and would talk to Agatha and try to help her. Though he was only trying to be nice, it still annoyed Agatha because she wanted to be left alone. Agatha would battle Oak to try and get him to go away, but he was always better than her, and so she would battle him again and again. Eventually, the time they spent together began to mean a lot to Agatha. As a result, when Oak got the idea to invent the [[Pokédex]] and subsequently stopped battling, Agatha felt betrayed.
In his own [[Pokemon Masters]] Sync Pair Story, "A Day With Professor Oak", Professor Oak reveals that his trusted Pokémon partner is a [[Nidorino (Pokémon)|Nidorino]].
* Professor Oak has appeared in the most [[generation]]s of any Pokémon Professor, appearing in Generation I and their Generation III and VII remakes as the regional professor and making cameo appearances in Generations II and IV.
* If the player speaks to Professor Oak in {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}} and has their Pokédex evaluated with at least 484 of the 493 Pokémon caught, he will say "Meeting you is something '''l''' will cherish all my life long.", using a lowercase L instead of an uppercase I.
* During his Sync Pair Story in [[Pokemon Masters]], Professor Oak's Nidorino battles [[Agatha's Gengar]]. This is a reference to the opening sequence of {{game|Red and Blue|s}}