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Pokémon Colosseum
In {{g|Colosseum}}, non-Shadow Pokémon obtained in the game (such as the player's starter {{p|Espeon}} or {{p|Umbreon}} and [[Duking]]'s {{p|Plusle}}) are ensured to be unable to be Shiny.
ThereConversely, is[[Shadow aPokémon]] can be Shiny, but only after they are caught. chance{{tt|*|When a Shadow Pokémon is first generated, its PIDit is comparedprevented tofrom thehaving TID/SIDa of[[personality thevalue]] AIthat trainer, the game will notwould allow it to be generatedShiny asfor athat shinyTrainer Pokémon.(using However,that inTrainer's aTrainer rebattleID thisand isSecret notID). When the caseplayer ascatches the PID is static.}} of a [[Shadow Pokémon]], beingbecause Shinyit whenretains itthat issame encounteredpersonality forvalue theafter firstbeing timecaught, but ifnow ithas isa encountereddifferent againTrainer inID aand rebattleSecret ID, it hasis apossible 1/8192for chancethe ofShadow beingPokémon shiny,to thisbe shinynessShiny wouldfor bethe rerolledplayer. whenUnless the Shadowplayer's PokémonTrainer isID captured.and Conversely,Secret whenID analign ordinarywith Shadow Pokémonthe is capturedNPC's, there is stillroughly thea 1/8192 chance of thatthis Pokémonoccurring.<!--technically becomingit's Shinyslightly whenhigher, itbecause isPIDs sentthat tocould thebe player'sShiny partyfor orthat theTrainer [[Pokémonare Storage System]].re-rolled--> Shininess is retained througheven after [[purification]].
In Pokémon Colosseum, the color of a Shiny Pokémon can differ drastically from the handheld games.