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Mew (Pokémon)

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Mew is notable for its unique ability to learn every [[TM|Technical Machine]], [[TR|Technical Record]], [[HM|Hidden Machine]], and [[Move Tutor]] move (except those exclusive to a particular Pokémon or group of Pokémon, such as {{m|Draco Meteor}} and {{m|Secret Sword}}).
Mew is the last Pokémon in the [[List of Pokémon by Kanto Pokédex number|Kanto Pokédex]].
It is a member of the [[Mew duo]] along with {{p|Mewtwo}}.
[[File:Wildmew.png|thumb|right|A wild Mew found using the [[Mew glitch]]]]
* Mew shares the move {{m|Transform}} with {{p|Ditto}}, along with also sharing the same {{Shiny}} coloration and the same weight. In addition, in {{game|Yellow}}, Ditto can be encountered in the Pokémon Mansion on Cinnabar Island, where [[Pokémon Mansion journals|diary entries]] on Mew can be found.
* The US release of Mew as an event for {{2v2game|HeartGold| and SoulSilver|s}} happened on the ten-year anniversary of the original release of {{2v2|Gold|Silver}}.
* Mew was voted the most popular Pokémon in the {{n|Official Pokémon website announces Pokémon Power Bracket|Pokémon Power Bracket}}, which included all Legendary and Mythical Pokémon from the first four generations.
* Mew started the trend of every generation (through [[Generation V]]) introducing a Mythical Pokémon with a base stat total of 600 and a stat distribution of 100 all around. Others that follow this trend include {{p|Celebi}}, {{p|Jirachi}}, {{p|Manaphy}}, {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Land Forme}} {{p|Shaymin}}, and {{p|Victini}}.
* Mew is one of two Pokémon to have the shortest English Pokémon name, {{p|Muk}} being the other.
* Mew is the only Generation I Pokémon that [[experience|grows medium slowly]] and has no three-stage [[evolution]] family.
* Mew is the only Pokémon that can be obtained in [[Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!]] that cannot have the [[Pokémon GO]] [[origin mark]] [[File:GO icon VIII.png|16px|GO origin mark]].