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Appendix:Metagame terminology

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Refers to a PokemonPokémon with average or above average stats in every category, such as {{p|Mew}}, {{p|Celebi}}, {{p|Kommo-o}}, and {{p|Charizard}}.
===Master of None===
Refers to a PokemonPokémon with average or below average stats in every category, such as {{p|Glalie}}, {{p|Phione}}, {{p|Smeargle}}, and {{p|Farfetch'd}}.
===Mono team===
Refers to the amount of competitively viable moves a PokemonPokémon has, depending on the situation in the battle. May also refer to the entire list of moves a Pokémon has access to, regardless of their relative usefulness.
Refers to a battle strategy that uses the {{cat|protection moves}} to ease prediction and retain momentum for a team. Also used for various battle strategies via {{m|Protect}}/{{m|Detect}}, such as a Pokémon with the [[held item]] [[Toxic Orb]]/[[Flame Orb]] to activate its {{a|Guts}} Ability and a Pokémon with the Ability {{a|Speed Boost}} or {{a|Moody}}.
===Time Limit===
Any mid-game effects in the official competitive battle such as selecting a [[move]] or [[recall|retreating]] PokemonPokémon, which usually takes place within the 45 seconds allocated per turn. Not implemented by battle simulators like [[Pokémon Showdown]] and {{OBP|Pokémon Online|battle simulator}}.
====Timer Stall====
====Premier League====
An 11 -week unofficial tournament held annually in which players are placed into teams of ten, generally specializing in different formats. Different teams battle each other throughout the competition. By week ten, the competition is narrowed down to the four highest scoring teams, which compete in the semifinals and finals. The most famous of these tournaments is the Smogon Premier League (SPL), known as the hardest unofficial tournament to get into.
====World Cup of Pokémon (WCOP)====
An abbreviation for [[World Championships|Video Game Championships]]/[[World Championships]], an official national/international video game competition held by [[The Pokémon Company]]. The competitors were required to use the specific game from [[core series]]. The battles were conducted through [[Double Battle]] format.
The term "VGC <year>" commonly refers to the rule of official competition in the said year, which includes the prohibition of [[#Item clause|duplicate items]], [[Special Pokémon|Special]] and [[Mythical Pokémon]], as well as using Pokémon included in either [[regional Pokédex|regional]] or [[National Pokédex]]. Additional rule known by community as [[GS Cup|GS Rule]] or "Generation Showdown" also allowed to use maximum of 2 Special Pokémon in a team. Starting in VGC 2014, all Pokémon with the specific [[origin markingmark]] are required to participate in the competitions.
Refers to a Pokémon that is switched in to be knocked out for the benefit of the party. Can be used in a wide range of applications, which include from using a disadvantaged Pokémon to indirectly damage an opponent through [[recoil]] or [[Life Orb]] damage (which will be higher if the PokemonPokémon sacrificed has more HP than the main attacker), stall for a turn against a badly {{status|poison}}ed opponent, switch into battle to allow a [[#Choice user|Choiced]] ally to switch moves, or use their [[Ability]] such as {{a|Intimidate}} to lower the opponent's Attack which would otherwise sweep the party.
====Shuckle syndrome====
Refers to a PokemonPokémon with high Defense and Special Defense, but below average HP. This includes {{p|Shuckle}}, {{p|Dusknoir}}, and {{p|Bastiodon}}.
====Wailord syndrome====
Refers to a PokemonPokémon with high HP, but below average Defense and Special Defense. This includes {{p|Wailord}}, {{p|Guzzlord}}, and {{p|Wobbuffet}}.
Refers to {{Shiny}} {{p|Raikou}}, {{p|Entei}}, and {{p|Suicune}} from Generation IV {{pkmn2|event}}s that knows the event-exclusive [[move]] {{m|Extreme Speed}} and the other 3 respective special moves ({{m|Zap Cannon}}, {{m|Aura Sphere}}, {{m|Weather Ball}} for Raikou, {{m|Flare Blitz}}, {{m|Howl}}, {{m|Crush Claw}} for Entei, and {{m|Sheer Cold}}, {{m|Air Slash}}, {{m|Aqua Ring}} for Suicune), as well as having a fixed [[nature]] (Rash for Raikou, Adamant for Entei, and Relaxed for Suicune).
They were prohibited in VGC since Generation VI due to the lack of [[origin markingmark]]. Shiny Suicune with Sheer Cold was the most popular one and quite frequently used in online tournaments. However, Suicune can learn Sheer Cold by leveling up starting in Generation VII.
Refers to a {{p|Heatran}} set that includes the special [[move]] {{m|Eruption}}. This Heatran always has a Quiet [[nature]] (+Sp. Atk/-Speed) and can be only obtained by transferring a special Heatran from [[Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs]]. Commonly paired with {{m|Trick Room}} {{p|Cresselia}} in Generation IV and V VGC, but was prohibited in VGC since Generation VI due to the lack of [[origin markingmark]].
Refers to a {{p|Shedinja}} with the [[Ability]] {{a|Sturdy}}. Due to Sturdy only activating upon the PokemonPokémon having 1 HP left on a move that usually knocks it out, when holding [[Safety Goggles]], it cannot be killed by any means except for {{status|poison}} or {{status|burn}} damage. Usually set up in [[Double Battle|Double]] or [[Triple Battle]]s by using Pokémon with {{m|Skill Swap}} such as {{p|Carbink}} with the Ability Sturdy to a PokemonPokémon that knows {{m|Entrainment}}, then having the Carbink switch out for Shedinja and have Entrainment used on it.
====Bird Spam/Fly Spam====
Refers to an offensive core consisting of {{p|Talonflame}} and {{p|Staraptor}} or {{me|Pinsir}}. This team would make use of [[priority]] {{t|Flying}} attacks, as well as powerful {{t|Fire}} and {{type|Fighting}} coverage to gain immediate momentum and have them wear down each othersother's checks.
Refers to a {{p|Liepard}}/male {{p|Meowstic}} with {{a|Prankster}} Ability with {{m|Assist}} and a {{p|Smeargle}} knowing {{m|Dark Void}} either as an ally or within the active party. All the other PokemonPokémon on the team have moves such as {{m|Focus Punch}} which cannot be called upon via Assist so the Liepard/Meowstic is able to use a +1 [[priority]] Dark Void at the opponents causing both to fall asleep. Although rarely seen, it was seen in Generation VI VGC (2014-2016).
From [[Generation VII]] onward, Dark Void fails if used by any Pokémon other than {{p|Darkrai}}, so Voidcats is no longer used.