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[[File:S2 Heroine.png]]
=====In Pokémon HOME=====
The player can select an avatar from the overworld sprites of eight of the core series protagonists. The gender of the avatar is stored with the [[Original Trainer]] with any gifts received.
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! style="background:#00E8F8; | Male
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[[File:RedRGBwalkdown.png]]<br>[[File:EthanGSCwalkdown.png]]<br>[[File:Brendan RS OD.png]]<br>[[File:Lucaswalkdown.png]]<br>[[File:BW HilbertOD Stand.png]]
! style="background:#E03838; {{roundybl|15px}} | Female
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[[File:May RS OD.png]]<br>[[File:Dawnwalkdown.png]]<br>[[File:Hildawalkdown.png]]