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{{series|Diamond & Pearl}}
In ''[[DP033|All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go!]]'', a Nurse Joy acted as one of the judges of the [[Pokémon Dress-Up Contest]], overseeing the competition along with [[Mr. Sukizo]] and [[Officer Jenny]].
While attempting to seek a Nurse Joy to investigate Brock's glowing {{pkmn|Egg}} in ''[[DP038|One BIg Happiny Family!]]'', the group found a seemingly abandoned PokemonPokémon Center. A Chansey directed the group to a crying Nurse Joy, who revealed that the Cycling Road has stopped servicing customers. With encouragement from Brock and Chansey, she regained her composure and examined the Egg before it hatched into {{TP|Brock|Happiny}}. Following Nurse Joy's advice, Brock located a round stone for Happiny to carry in her pouch in order to keep her happy.
In ''[[DP122|Stopped in the Name of Love!]]'', [[Sandalstraw Town]]'s Nurse Joy ran some tests on [[Dawn's Piplup]] and realized it was about to evolve. However, since Piplup refused to evolve and had been using {{m|Bide}} to stop it from happening, Nurse Joy gave {{an|Dawn}} an [[Everstone]].