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According to legends and [[Pokédex]], Eternatus arrived in [[Galar]] 20,000 years ago inside a meteor. 27,000 years later Eternatus begins to absorb all the energy in Galar so it can stay alive. As a result, it created a phenomenon in the shape of a black storm, the [[Darkest Day]]. This phenomenon unleashed tons of Dynamax energy throughout the region. Through Eternatus' presence caused Pokémon to [[Dynamax]] and [[Gigantamax]] before going on rampages across [[Galar]]. Later Eternatus fought a long and difficult battle against the legendary heroes {{p|Zacian}} and {{p|Zamazenta}}, ultimately being defeatdefeated by the duo. It was sealed deep with the center of Galar in order to prevent Eternatus from awakening and causing a second [[Darkest Day]].
Eternatus then proceeds to enter a deep slumber in order to fully healed from its injures at the hands {{p|Zacian}} and {{p|Zamazenta}}. In time, its power began to slowly leak out in the form of Galar Particles which spread across [[Galar]]. This resulted in the creation of Power Spots and [[Pokémon Den]]s where [[Dynamax]] and [[Gigantamax]] transformations can be occur. Pieces of Eternatus also rained downeddown in [[Galar]] while being called [[Wishing PiecesPiece]]s, [[Wishing ChipsChip]]s and [[Wishing StarsStar]]s.
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