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In the main series
* [[Bruno]] appeared in ''[[EP071|To Master the Onixpected]]''.
* [[Lorelei]] appeared in ''[[EP099|The Mandarin Island Miss Match]]'', but she is named "Prima" in the English [[dub]].
* [[Lance]] debuted in ''[[EP235|Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution]]'', where he was mentioned to be the {{pkmn|Champion}} rather than a regular member of the Elite Four. He is referred to as a member of the Elite Four in [[SS012]].
* [[Agatha]] appeared in ''[[AG132|The Scheme Team]]'', where she was acting as a temporary [[Gym Leader]] for the [[Viridian Gym]].
* [[Kahili]] debuted in ''[[SM110|Keeping Your Eyes on the Ball!]]'', where she took Ash and his classmates to a Pokémon Golf course and taught them the sport.
It has been stated by Lucian in ''An Elite Meet and Greet!'' that when a Trainer wins their respective region's {{pkmn|League Conference}}, they can participate in the {{DL|Pokémon League|Champion League}}, fighting the members of that region's Elite Four, and then the Champion as well. It has also been shown that an Elite Four member can challenge the Champion and obtain the title from him or herthem in battle.
===In Pokémon Origins===