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Alt forms in Home Dex
Form differences sync to Home's dex IF you have a pokemon of any form deposited in Home and you have the form difference you want to register registered in a gen '''7''' game (not Gen 6)
for example:
Vililion Garden deposited in Home
Vivilion Fancy registered in Gen 7 game
Vivilion Fancy registered in Home dex
For some reason this does not work if the Vivillion Fancy pattern is only registered in a Gen 6 game, even if that means it's registered in the Bank dex. It also applies to Pokémon who have an Alola dex entry, like Furfrou. It didn't register Furfrou forms in Home until I registered it in UM, even though I had it in OR/Bank's Dex
You can also register forms by depositing them if applicable.