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Alt forms in Home Dex: new section
== Alt forms in Home Dex ==

I've just finished testing how alt forms get registered in the dex. don't have time to type it properly but I'll put my conclusions here. It's a bit complicated, and I wasn't able to test everything:

Gigantamax only register if you have a gigatamax capable pokemon of that form deposited in Home

Form differences sync to Home's dex IF you have a pokemon of any form deposited in Home and you have the form difference you want to register registered in a gen '''7''' game (not Gen 6)
for example:
Vililion Garden deposited in Home
Vivilion Fancy registered in Gen 7 game
Vivilion Fancy registered in Home dex

For some reason this does not work if the Vivillion Fancy pattern is only registered in a Gen 6 game, even if that means it's registered in the Bank dex. It also applies to Pokémon who have an Alola dex entry, like Furfrou. It didn't register Furfrou forms Home until I registered it in UM, even though I had it in OR/Bank's Dex
You can also register forms by depositing them if applicable.

This doesn't apply to Gen 8 forms. For example, I have all 63 alcremie form in SH. I uploaded 1 form to Home to test and it didn't unlock all alcremie forms, but it did unlock the flavour I uploaded with all its sweets.

Regional Variants, same as forms it seems. You can upload Kanto Raichu and have Alola Raichu registered if in Bank dex. But you can't upload Unova Stunfisk and have Galar Stunfisk unlocked even if you have it in SWSH, the Galar Stunfisk has to be uploaded to Home.

Shinies are sync'd with Bank's dex as soon as you upload any mon of that species. It doesn't matter if the Bank dex pulled it from a Gen 6 or a Gen 7 game - which makes me think that the fact it's not pulling from Gen 6 for form differences is a glitch

I can't properly test megas as the first thing I did with Home is upload my base living dex from Home. Official media states you just upload a mon, but I don't know if it has to be from Gen6/7 to unlock, or if it has to sync with Bank. If it does have to sync'd with Bank then Gen 6 counts for this.

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