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Plot: Proper plot synopsis.
The {{incompleteplayer}} is a young child who lives with {{gal|Mum|her mother}} in the town of [[Postwick]] in the [[Galar]] [[region]]. One day, their friend [[Hop]] invites them to meet his big brother [[Leon]], the {{pkmn|Champion}} of the [[Galar League]], so that they both can receive a [[starter Pokémon]] from him. After receiving their starters, the player and Hop follow a runaway {{p|Wooloo}} into the [[Slumbering Weald]]. Inside the foggy forest, they encounter a mysterious Pokémon that is completely unaffected by [[move]]s. They are soon rescued by Leon, and set out to receive an [[endorsement]] from him so that they can participate in [[Galar]]'s [[Galar League|Gym Challenge]]. After some convincing by [[Professor Magnolia]], Leon agrees to give both the player and Hop an endorsement. Just then, two [[Wishing Star]]s fall out of the sky, and Professor Magnolia turns them into [[Dynamax Band]]s for the player and Hop, allowing them to [[Dynamax]] their Pokémon. They then travel together to [[Motostoke]] to attend the Gym Challenge's opening ceremony, where they meet {{FB|Chairman|sectionRose}}, leader of [[Macro Cosmos]] and the chairman of the Galar League, as well as a band of hooligans known as [[Team Yell]].
The {{player}} and [[Hop]] receive their [[starter Pokémon]] from [[Leon]], the undefeated {{pkmn|Champion}}, and meet a mysterious {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} in the [[Slumbering Weald]]. The two receive [[Pokédex]]es from [[Sonia]], [[Dynamax Band]]s from [[Professor Magnolia]], and [[endorsement]]s from Leon to enter the [[Galar League|Gym Challenge]]. They head on an adventure traveling across Galar challenging [[Gym]]s in order to earn eight [[Badge]]s to enter the Champion Cup. Over the course of their {{pkmn|journey}}, he/she encounters a group called [[Team Yell]], whose members support [[Marnie]] in the Gym Challenge, as well as another group called [[Macro Cosmos]], a conglomerate led by [[Chairman Rose]], who has endorsed his ward [[Bede]] in the Gym Challenge. During the Champion Cup in [[Wyndon Stadium]], Rose interrupts the Championship Match by reawakening {{p|Eternatus}} and bringing about the [[Darkest Day]] in an attempt to provide energy for the Galar region in 1,000 years. The player and Hop find a [[Rusted Sword]] and [[Rusted Shield]] and head to the [[Energy Plant]] in [[Hammerlocke]], where they battle Rose and summon {{p|Zacian}} and {{p|Zamazenta}}. After defeating it, the player manages to catch Eternatus and returns to [[Wyndon]] to defeat Leon in the Championship Match, becoming the new Champion of Galar.
After the opening ceremony, the player sets out to collect the eight [[Badge]]s required to compete in the Champion Cup. Along the way, Professor Magnolia's granddaughter and [[Professors' aides|assistant]] [[Sonia]] tells them about Galar's history and a mysterious event known as the [[Darkest Day]]. The player ends up uncovering pieces of the Darkest Day's history during their {{pkmn|journey}}, much to Sonia's pleasure. Eventually, the player manages to successfully collect the eight Badges and travels to [[Wyndon]], where the Champion Cup is held. They win their way through the Champion Cup semifinals, where they defeat Hop and end his dream of surpassing his brother. After confronting Macro Cosmos's vice-president [[Oleana]] at [[Rose Tower]], the player participates in the Champion Cup finals and wins their way through it, earning themselves the right to challenge Leon.
However, before the player and Leon's battle can begin, Rose makes a public announcement about bringing about the second Darkest Day to save Galar from an energy crisis a thousand years in the future. To stop the crisis, the player and Hop travel to the Slumbering Weald again to seek help from the [[Legendary Pokémon]] {{p|Zacian}} and {{p|Zamazenta}}, one of whom had been the mysterious Pokémon they had witnessed at the start of their journey. They find and take along a [[Rusted Sword]] and a [[Rusted Shield]] from the heart of the forest and go to confront Rose in [[Hammerlocke]], where it is revealed that the Darkest Day is the result of Rose awakening a Pokémon known as {{p|Eternatus}}. After defeating Rose, the player and Hop go to face Eternatus at the top of the [[Hammerlocke Stadium]], where Leon unsuccessfully tries to {{pkmn2|caught|catch}} it, forcing the player to battle it. Once Eternatus seems to be defeated, however, it suddenly transforms into its even more powerful Eternamax form. However, thanks to the sword and the shield they found, the player and Hop are able to summon Zacian and Zamazenta to their aid, and together, they defeat Eternatus in a [[Max Raid Battle]], allowing the player to catch it and thus end the crisis. Three days later, the player finally takes on Leon in a battle at [[Wyndon Stadium]] and defeats him, ending his career as the undefeated Champion and making the player the new Champion of Galar.
During the post-game, the player and Hop travel to the heart of Slumbering Weald to return the Rusted Sword and the Rusted Shield, only to be confronted by the rich brothers [[Sordward]] and [[Shielbert]], who try to steal the artifacts. Although the player manages to defeat one of the brothers and recover one of the stolen items, the two still manage to get away with the other one. The player and Hop are then forced to travel around Galar to stop the Dynamax Pokémon the brothers have let loose at the [[Gym|Gym Stadiums]]. They finally confront them again at Hammerlocke Stadium, where they reveal their plan being to reinstate the Galarian monarchy and denigrate Zacian and Zamazenta. Using the artifact they stole, the brothers lure in one of the Legendary Pokémon and drive it berserk, forcing the player to battle it. After it has been defeated, the other Legendary Pokémon appears as well, which the player battles and catches. Hop follows the first Legendary to the heart of Slumbering Weald, where he successfully calms it down. Deeming Hop worthy of its trust, the Legendary Pokémon then willingly joins his [[party]]. The player and Hop then battle for one last time, before Sordward and Shielbert briefly reappear to apologise for their actions.