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Pokédex entries typically describe a Pokémon in only two or three sentences. They may give background information on the habitat or activities of a Pokémon in the wild or other information on the Pokémon's history or anatomy. Pokédex entries also include height, weight, cry, footprint (prior to [[Generation VI]]), location, other forms, and a picture of the Pokémon.
[[File:479Rotom-Pokédex.png|thumb|250px|left|[[Rotom Pokédex]] in Pokémon Sun and Moon]]
==In the core series==
[[File:479Rotom-Pokédex.png|thumb|250px|left|[[Rotom Pokédex]] in Pokémon Sun and Moon]]
The Pokédex is a handheld electronic encyclopedia device; one which is capable of recording and retaining information of the various Pokémon of the world. In order to accomplish Professor Oak's goal of a complete Pokémon database, the Pokédex is designed to find and record data on each Pokémon the Trainer meets. Pokémon are added to the Pokédex simply by encountering them in battle or, sometimes, by seeing a picture of the Pokémon. However, detailed entries are not recorded until the player catches the Pokémon, receives it as a prize/gift or acquires it in a trade.
====Rental Pokémon====
In {{eng|[[Pokémon Stadium}}, (English)]] the [[rental Pokémon]] are shown in the [[List of Pokémon by Kanto Pokédex number|Kanto Pokédex]] order. This is not the case with [[Pokémon Stadium (Japanese)]], which lacks rental Pokémon and [[Pokémon Stadium 2]], which displays rental Pokémon in alphabetical order.