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Generation VIII

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* The addition of {{cat|Generation VIII moves|80 new moves}}, bringing the total to 781.
* The addition of {{cat|Abilities introduced in Generation VIII|26 new Abilities}}, bringing the total to 258.
* A new region to explore, the [[Galar]] region, based on the {{wp|EnglandUnited Kingdom}}.
* A new open area with several landmarks and Pokémon, and connecting several towns, known as the [[Wild Area]].
* The addition of [[Y-Comm]], which allows trainers to battle and trade Pokémon locally or online with [[Nintendo Switch Online]].
* [[Island challenge]]s have been reformatted into [[Galar League|Gym Challenge]]s, while [[Trial Captain]]s, [[Totem Pokémon]], and [[Island Kahuna]]s have been abandoned.
* Certain Pokémon can evolve from a preexisting [[evolutionary stone]] which could not do so before, including evolutions into {{p|Leafeon}}, {{p|Glaceon}}, {{p|Darmanitan}}, and {{p|Charjabug}}.
* [[Mega Evolution]] and [[Z-Moves]] have been removed in favor of [[Dynamax]] and [[Gigantamax]].
* The [[Elite Four]] is replaced by the [[Galar League#Champion Cup|Champion Cup]].
* [[Battle Royal]] and [[SOS Battle]] are abandoned.