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In the anime
==In the anime==
[[File:AshLance NoctowlGyarados sparkling.png|250px|thumb|Like[[Red Shiny Pokémon in the {{pkmnGyarados|games}},Lance's {{AP|Noctowl}}Gyarados]] sparklessparkling as it exits its Poké Ball, similarly to the games]]
[[File:Jessie Dustox and Shiny Dustox.png|thumb|left|240px|Normal and Shiny Dustox in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
{{main|List of alternately colored Pokémon in the anime}}
The first true Shiny Pokémon that appeared was a {{AP|Noctowl}} in ''[[EP154|Fowl Play!]]''. {{Ash}} eventually {{pkmn2|caught}} it, and, as in the games, sparkles surround it as it comes from its {{i|Poké Ball}}. Several other Shiny Pokémon have appeared later as well, often used to make them stand out more, or be the focus of an episode. The term "Shiny" was first used in ''[[DP185|Working on a Right Move!]]''.
==In the manga==