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Mewtwo (Pokémon)

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Other appearances
==Other appearances==
[[File:Pokkén Mewtwo.png|thumb|100px|Mewtwo in [[Pokkén Tournament]]]]
===[[Super Smash Bros.]]===
{{main|Mewtwo (Super Smash Bros.)}}
===[[Pokkén Tournament]]===
[[File:Pokkén Mewtwo.png|thumb|200px|Mewtwo in [[Pokkén Tournament]]]] Mewtwo is a playable character. Additionally, [[Shadow Mewtwo]] is introduced as the story boss and is also a separate playable character.
===''{{mov|Detective Pikachu}}''===
{{main|Mewtwo (Detective Pikachu)}}
A Mewtwo appeared in ''{{mov|Detective Pikachu}}''.
==Game data==
{{Dex/Entry1|v=Sword|entry=Created from the DNA of Mew, this Pokémon is a dangerous combination of overwhelming power and a savage heart.}}
{{Dex/Entry1|v=Shield|entry=The research efforts of [[Mr. Fuji|a certain scientist]] ultimately resulted in this Pokémon. Its powers are dedicated to battling.}}