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Trivia: Added Gen VIII info
** Multiple turn moves such as {{m|Outrage}} will continue to be performed even if the move is deleted between turns. This can happen in both Single and Double Battles.
* In some instances in the anime, certain Pokémon have been shown to know more than just four moves at the same time, with as many as 10 being used [[Drake's Dragonite|in a single battle]]. The closest the anime has got to acknowledging the existence of move slots is the fact that the {{MTR}} of {{TRT}} can't learn {{m|Pay Day}} because of the effort exerted in learning to speak human language.
* [[Generation I]] introduced 165 moves; [[Generation II]] introduced 86 moves; [[Generation III]] introduced 103 moves; [[Generation IV]] introduced 113 moves; [[Generation V]] introduced 92 moves; [[Generation VI]] introduced 62 moves; and [[Generation VII]] introduced 107 moves, including 35 [[Z-Move|Z-Moves]]; and [[Generation VIII]] introduced 80 moves, including 18 [[Max Move|Max Moves]] and 26 [[G-Max Move|G-Max Moves]].
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