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Pokédex entries typically describe a Pokémon in only two or three sentences. They may give background information on the habitat or activities of a Pokémon in the wild or other information on the Pokémon's history or anatomy. Pokédex entries also include height, weight, cry, footprint (prior to [[Generation VI]]), location, other forms, and a picture of the Pokémon.
[[File:479Rotom-Pokédex.png|thumb|250px|left|[[Rotom Pokédex]] in Pokémon Sun and Moon]]
==In the core series==
[[File:479Rotom-Pokédex.png|thumb|250px|left|[[Rotom Pokédex]] in Pokémon Sun and Moon]]
The Pokédex is a handheld electronic encyclopedia device; one which is capable of recording and retaining information of the various Pokémon of the world. In order to accomplish Professor Oak's goal of a complete Pokémon database, the Pokédex is designed to find and record data on each Pokémon the Trainer meets. Pokémon are added to the Pokédex simply by encountering them in battle or, sometimes, by seeing a picture of the Pokémon. However, detailed entries are not recorded until the player catches the Pokémon, receives it as a prize/gift or acquires it in a trade.
| {{gameabbrev4|DPPt}}
| '''[[List of Pokémon with form differences|Form comparison]]''': [[Canalave City]] (from Professor Rowan's [[Professors' aides|assistant]] in the [[gate]])<br>'''[[Foreign Pokédex entries]]''': {{rt|226|Sinnoh}} (from the Meister)
| {{gameabbrev4|HGSS}}
| '''[[Unown Mode]]''': [[Ruins of Alph]] (from a researcher outside the ruins after catching at least three different {{p|Unown}} variants)
| {{gameabbrev5|BW}}
====Rental Pokémon====
In [[Pokémon Stadium (English)]], the [[rental Pokémon]] are shown in the [[List of Pokémon by Kanto Pokédex number|Kanto Pokédex]] order. This is not the case with [[Pokémon Stadium (Japanese)]], which lacks rental Pokémon and [[Pokémon Stadium 2]], which displays rental Pokémon in alphabetical order.
|no='''[[Kanto]]''' / '''[[Johto]]''': Even Rasmussen ([[EP001]]-[[EP013]], [[EP016]]-[[EP054]], ([[EP060]]-[[EP271]]) / Trond Teigen ([[EP003]]) / Unknown voice actor ([[EP014]]) / Erik Skøld ([[EP058]])
|pl='''[[Kanto]]''' / '''[[Johto]]''': Mikołaj Klimek ([[EP106]]-[[EP271]]) / Mieczysław Morański ([[PK01]])/Artur Pontek ([[DP143]]-[[DP147]] - {{an|Lyra}}'s and [[Khoury]]'s Pokédex)<br>'''[[Hoenn]]''': Unknown Voice Actor ([[AG001]]-[[AG040]])<br>'''[[Sinnoh]]''': Joanna Pach<br/>'''[[Unova]]''': Artur Kaczmarski<br/>'''[[Kalos]]''': Marta Dobecka<br>'''[[Alola]]/{{Rotom}}''': Maksymilian Michasiów
|pt_br='''[[Kanto]]'''/'''[[Johto]]'''/'''[[Hoenn]]''': Wellington Lima ([[EP001]]-[[AG033]], [[AG126]]-[[AG192]])<br>José Parisi Jr. ([[AG034]]-[[AG038]])<br>Alex Minei ([[AG039]]-[[AG090]], [[AG104]]-[[AG124]])<br>Márcio Marconatto ([[AG094]]-[[AG095]])<br>'''[[Sinnoh]]''': Leila Di Castro ([[DP002]]-[[DP104]])<br>Luciana Baroli ([[DP105]]-[[DP191]])<br>'''[[Unova]]''': Gabriel Noya<br>'''[[Kalos]]''': MônicaCecília TonioloLemes ([[XY001]]-[[XY093]]) <br>Raphael RosattoRossatto ([[XY094]]-present)
|ru='''[[Sinnoh]]''': Дарья Фролова ''Darja Frolova''<br>'''[[Unova]]''': Евгений Вальц ''Evgeni Waltz''<br>'''[[Kalos]]''': Ольга Шорохова ''Olga Shorohova'' ([[XY001]]-[[XY008]]), Татьяна Веселкина ''Tatyana Veselkina'' ([[XY009]]-present)
|es_la='''[[Kanto]]''' / '''[[Johto]]''': Rubén León / Gabriel Gama ([[The Legend of Thunder!|TLoT]], [[HS18]], [[AG147]]-[[AG161]]) / Rossy Aguirre ([[AG134]]-[[AG135]]) / Hugo Núñez ([[DP143]]-[[DP147]]) / Eduardo Garza ([[EP007]]{{tt|*|redub}})<br>'''[[Hoenn]]''': Rossy Aguirre<br>'''[[Sinnoh]]''': Rubén León ([[DP002]]-[[DP104]]) / Mayra Arellano ([[DP105]]-[[DP156]]) / Rossy Aguirre ([[DP158]]-[[DP190]])<br>'''[[Unova]]''': Eduardo Garza<br>'''[[Kalos]]''': Rossy Aguirre ([[XY003]]-[[XY093]]) / Eduardo Garza ([[XY094]]-present)
In the {{chap|FireRed & LeafGreen}}, {{adv|Professor Oak}} asks {{adv|Red}}, {{adv|Blue}}, and {{adv|Green}} to return their Pokédexes to him, so that he could upgrade them to National Dex. Though in the process, they get stolen by [[Orm]] and used by [[Carr]] to create a "black Pokédex" (Japanese: '''黒い図鑑'''). Later in the story, the new Pokédexes are received by the trio, and Red's old one is given to Yellow, while Blue and Green's old Pokédexes are destroyed by {{adv|Deoxys}}. In the {{chap|HeartGold & SoulSilver}}, the Johto Pokédex holders get new Pokédexes as well, though it is unknown what happened to their original Pokédexes. In the {{chap|Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire}}, the Hoenn Pokédex holders get new Pokédexes as well, though it is unknown what happened to their original Pokédexes. In addition, the Pokédex formerly held by Cheren was later given back to Cedric Juniper, and eventually destroyed. The third Kalos Pokédex was found by [[Malva]] along with {{p|Fennekin}}, but it was destroyed after she deemed it worthless.
There are currently 23 Pokédexes in operation, four Pokédexes destroyed, and six Pokédexes that have their statuses unknown, coming in eleventwelve models based on region and mode. In addition, there is Team Rocket's black Pokédex, which is also currently missing.
While most of the holders have red Pokédexes, the Pokédex can also come in a variety of colors. Crystal, White, and Whitley have pink Pokédexes, while Diamond and Pearl carry a blue Pokédex and an orange Pokédex, respectively.
File:Sun Pokédex Adventures.png|{{adv|Sun}}'s Pokédex
File:Rotom Pokedex Adventures.png|{{adv|Moon}}'s {{adv|Rotom Pokédex}}
File:Soudo Shirudomiria Rotom Phone.png|[[Shirudomiria]] (left) and [[Sōdo]]'s (right) Rotom Phones
File:Team Rocket Black Pokédex.png|[[Team Rocket]]'s black Pokédex