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Learning and unlearning
Since {{game|Red and Green|s}}, there have been three main methods of acquiring moves on a Pokémon: by [[Experience|leveling up]], by use of [[TM|Technical Machines]] and by use of Hidden Machines. [[Generation II]] added two further methods: [[Egg Move]]s learned through {{pkmn|breeding}}, and moves taught by a [[Move Tutor]]. Starting in [[Generation VII]], some Pokémon learn new moves when they [[Evolution|evolve]] no matter what level they are when they evolve.
Pokémon obtained via specific methods, such as [[Event Pokémon|events]] or [[purification]], may know "special moves" that it isthey otherwise unablecould tonot learn.
A Pokémon can only know four moves at a time. In order to learn new moves once four have been learned, it must forget one old move for every new move. Some moves cannot be forgotten naturally, such as moves learned by HM. To remove these, a Trainer must incorporate the help of a [[Move Deleter]]. Moves that the Pokémon does not currently know and was able to learn at an earlier [[level]] ([[Generation]]s {{gen|II}} to {{gen|VI}}) or at any level ([[Generation VII]]) can be learned with the help of a [[Move Reminder]].