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* This and the next episode was aired in Italy on DisneyXD one day after the American airing.
** This marks the first time an episode is aired in Italy one day after the American airing.
* In early previews of this episode shown at the end of ''[[DP191|Memories are Made of Bliss!]]'', some changes were seen in relation to the episode aired. The scene from first {{pkmn|battle}} between Ash and Trip initially went to a location within the city and not in a forest around the lab. However, the result of the battle is still the same.
* Team Rocket doesn't recite the {{motto}} making it the first time not to do so in the Unova region.
* This is the only episode after ''[[EP145|A Farfetch'd Tale]]'' where Jessie does not have a {{type|Psychic}} on hand.