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In the main series
* {{an|Gladion}} was Ash's main rival in the {{series|Sun & Moon}}. Ash and Gladion's rivalry was mutually respectful from the start, with Gladion recognizing Ash's strength almost immediately. Gladion eventually became more dedicated to surpassing Ash after witnessing his and his Pikachu's aptitude for [[Z-Move]]s, leading him to undertake the [[island challenge]]. Though Gladion is much calmer than Ash, he and Ash both share a deep, internal passion for intense battling.
* Ash also has friendly rivalries with [[Ritchie]], {{jo|Harrison}}, [[Morrison]], {{ho|Tyson}}, {{si|Tobias}}, [[Stephan]], {{an|Bianca}}, [[Virgil]], {{un|Cameron}}, {{an|Kiawe}}, and [[Hau]].
*In the films, Ash created a rivalry with two characters: [[Rafe]] and [[Cross]].
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