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In the anime
====Major appearances====
=====[[Ash's Pikachu]]=====
[[Ash Ketchum]] has a Pikachu that he [[Starter Pokémon|obtained]] from {{an|Professor Oak}} in ''[[EP001|Pokémon - I Choose You!]]'', the first episode of the Pokémon anime, which also marked its debut. He is the signature Pokémon of the anime series and has appeared in every non-special episode and every Pokémon anime movie since. Ash's Pikachu [[Walking Pokémon|remains outside]] of his {{i|Poké Ball}}.
====Minor appearances====
[[File:Cosplay Pikachu anime.png|thumb|250px|A set of costumed [[Cosplay Pikachu]] in the anime]]
[[File:Ash Pikachu Alola Cap.png|thumb|250px|A [[Pikachu in a cap|Pikachu wearing a cap]] in the anime]]
Numerous other Pikachu appeared in ''[[EP002|Pokémon Emergency!]]'', under the ownership of [[Nurse Joy]]. They helped Ash's Pikachu defeat [[Team Rocket]]'s [[Jessie]], [[James]], and {{MTR}} to send them blasting off for the first time. They reappeared in a flashback in ''[[EP039|Pikachu's Goodbye]]''.
In ''[[AG086|Lights, Camerupt, Action!]]'', a Pikachu appeared in two of [[Elijah]]'s movies. {{OBP|Red's Pikachu|Pocket Monsters}} was featured in a film that Ash and Gary were watching when they were younger. In a different movie that Ash and {{ashfr}} were watching at the time the episode was taking place, another Pikachu helped {{p|Plusle}} and {{p|Minun}} on their mission to rescue Princess {{p|Kirlia}} from the evil {{p|Exploud}}.
A Pikachu appeared in ''[[M08|Lucario and the Mystery of Mew]]'' as one of {{OBP|Mew|M08}}'s {{m|Transform|transformationstransform}}ations.
A Pikachu nicknamed Sugar appeared in ''[[DP024|Cooking up a Sweet Story!]]'', under the ownership of [[Abigail]], one of the owners of a restaurant. When it went missing prior to the events of the episode, Ash's Pikachu had to fill in for it so that its owner would have the confidence to win a cooking competition. At the end of the episode, Sugar returned, but it had evolved into a {{p|Raichu}}.